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Realm of Water


The first sight that greets Takua at the end of the tunnel is the vast landscape of Ga-Wahi, a testament to the efficiency of the subterranean highway.


The path down the cliff is overrun by rampant Rahi. Grasshopper-like creatures known as Cliff Bugs flutter and jump about. Alone, they are enough of an annoyance, but as Takua quickly finds, it is all too easy to get distracted by them only for Fikou spiders to try to bite and attack. Being smaller creatures, Takua is able to defeat the Cliff Bugs easily with Madu and the larger Fikou by flinging hard rocks. They are fiercer than the Rahi in Onu-Wahi, and far swifter besides. The Firestaff doesn’t seem to stagger them as much either, but they are sun-dwellers after all.

But as he travels along, the Rahi assaults only seem to grow more and more fierce. Electric Spiders scuttle at him from every side, and wild Ussal lunge at him from the ocean around him and try to drag him in. Wild Rahi are not the only threats, as when he brushes the native Daikau plants, they wrap around him and try to swallow him whole. Takua shouts and panics, jamming Madu Cabolo down the plant’s throat as he scrambles away. The plant devours the explosive, and then it detonates. The plant belches smoke and collapses.

Taking great care to watch his footing, Takua continues down the path, using his Volo Lutu Launcher on some tall coral to help him cross some of the longer stretches of water.

After traveling south for some distance, he comes within view of the village.

Ngalawa Boat Racing

Ngalawa Boat Racing

Before he can cross the bridge into the village, he is intercepted by an excited Ga-Matoran.

“Welcome to Ga-Koro! You may have access to our village by participating in our boat race. You’ll race against me. I’m really fast! Your rowing team will follow the drumbeat you play.”

Part of Takua wants to just give up and go home -- Ta-Koro villagers are not exactly known for their exceptional sea-faring skills. But with so much riding on him, and with word of Makuta’s onslaught to deliver, he needs access to the village.

Suppressing a sigh, Takua follows the Ga-Matoran down the dirt walkway she has pointed to. Sure enough, it slopes down to a running flow of water. To Takua’s shock, four color-coated boats are already in the water, each with nearly an entire crew aboard. As he climbs into the boat, Takua takes the drumsticks in his hands. Perhaps his role could be simple enough.

The race begins. For never having directed a boat or kept a rhythm before, Takua considers himself to be doing well at the start. Their opponents have a much quicker initial start, but by mimicking the strokes from the other vessels, Takua manages to keep a constant distance. The Ga-Matoran crew, silent and serious, keeps pace to his beats, swiftly angling right when he beats with his right hand and to the left when he strikes with his left. To any onlooker, it could almost seem like Takua is in control.

They do, however, lose space when he tries to navigate his canoe around a series of rocks. This is evidently the wrong way—in this stretch, the water is shallow and has more obstacles than the open water from before the fork. Takua’s team is forced to change to avoid scraping oars against the bedrock and from ramming his canoe into protruding rocks. He finally catches a break when he cruises into a faster current than the other ships, pulling him ahead of them.

By some miracle, Takua pulls off a win in spite of his lack of experience, likely owing to some beginner’s luck. As the teams are climbing out of their boats, the Ga-Matoran who originally invited him walks up to him.

“You move in the water like a fish, Takua!” she remarks “Would you care to race again?”

Knowing the urgency of his mission, the traveler declines, though he’d had much more fun than he’d expected. With a smile, the Ga-Matoran leads him across the bridge into the village.


Takua figures the best place to deliver Whenua’s message would be to Turaga Nokama herself, so he immediately starts for her home. As he approaches it, he sees a Ga-Matoran in a blue Huna pacing anxiously. “Greetings, fellow islander,” she says on seeing Takua.

The traveler quickly explains his mission, and the assistance Whenua sent him to give. The blue villager listens intently, but when Takua explains how the Onu-Koro Turaga was abducted, she snorts humorlessly.

“Our Turaga, Nokama, is missing!” she replies. “We think that she has been captured by the Makika that lives in a cave across the harbor. Will you help us rescue Nokama?”

Takua hesitates. On one hand, he was sent to assist other villages. On the other, he expected that to be more along the lines of telling them what to expect and how to repel the attack. He has been riding the high of helping Onu-Koro, but now that he is to do the same thing again? He barely survived the first time.

Still, what choice does he have? None of the Matoran here know what was in store. Only Takua has undertaken such a journey.

Swallowing hard, Takua nods… again.

Finding Nokama

The atmosphere of the village is relaxed and unconcerned, and as Takua sees more Matoran in racing boats, he suspects that Nokama’s attendants have kept Nokama’s kidnapping secret. Still, there are a few Matoran on edge.

“Do you think any Rahi will attack us?”

“I’ve heard that the Toa Stones from all the villages are missing!”

“Have you heard that Nokama’s trident has been stolen?”

“I’ve heard that Nokama is looking for her trident…”

“Did you know that Nokama’s trident is made of the bones of the Makuta fish?”

“Nokama’s trident can launch balls of water at Nokama’s enemies!”

One catches Takua’s attention. “Have you tried our boat race yet? It’s a blast!” she says. “If you win all the village games, you get the Copper Mask!”

This village is not without its share of complainers, however.

“Ga-Koro is much too wet! I’d rather live in Po-Koro, where it’s warm all day!” one says. When asked why, the Matoran grins sheepishly. “Believe it or not, I can’t swim! I’m trying to learn, though…”

As he goes, Takua catches other snippets of conversation, although he doesn’t stick around long enough to hear their context.

“Of all the villagers in Ga-Koro, Kotu is the clumsiest!”

“The Vuata Maca Fruit on every level will help you recharge your energy.”

On the far eastern side of the village, there is a guard who makes friendly conversation, but who prevents his passage. When Takua then tries the path to the southwest of the village, he is blocked by a guard in a blue Hau. When he asks why he cannot pass, the guard observes him coolly but says nothing.

The northwestern path of the harbor

That just leaves one path, the one to the northwest of the village. When he starts toward it, he passes a Vuata Maca Treekeeper who catches his attention.

“We need your help! The two crystals that are essential to the health of our Vuata Maca Tree have been stolen! You must bring them to me. Please help us, Takua!” The Treekeeper points out the Vuata Maca Tree, which resembles the one Takua had seen in Onu-Wahi. He agrees to help.

Taking the northwest passage to the harbor, Takua finds many of the same Rahi that attacked him in the inland regions of Ga-Wahi, as well as some of the infected Hoi he’d heard the Onu-Matoran speak of. As he is hoping along islets and shooting the Volo Lutu Launcher, he is pleasantly surprised to find the first of the Vuata Maca crystals.

By the time he arrives at the cave at the far side of the harbor, he is sore and exhausted. The Rahi have been coming in droves, and while he has managed to overcome them thus far, he knows that within the cave he’ll encounter the mighty Makika that the Ga-Matoran spoke of.

Rallying himself, he peering into the recess of the cave. The ocean sunlight and reflection of the waves in the harbor pretty well illuminate the interior. He still doesn’t have the faintest idea how he will defeat such a tough creature. After retrieving some rocks, he enters the cave.

The Makika den

There isn’t much to see inside. Nokama lies bound on the far side of the cave, which otherwise appears to be empty aside from some stalagmites and boulders.

It seems too good to believe, but the Makika is gone. Takua eagerly hurries over to the Turaga, but then a strong orange hand scoops up the Matoran like a doll. Takua gasps and struggles, but the might of the clawed fingers and the giant toad-like Rahi to whom they belong is too much. To his horror, the Matoran is brought to the entrance of the cave and hurled out.

Takua lands with a thud and glances at the cave. The Makika, a squat, muscular, bright orange toad, does not follow him, instead returning to the hidden corners of the cave. The beast seems merely content to guard the bound Nokama.

The Makika

With no better ideas, Takua charges back into the cave, hurling every projectile he carries, only for the giant Rahi to shrug it off. Takua then attempts to dodge and weave around the monstrous Rahi. But the Makika hops over the stalagmites that separate them, catches him, and again throws him out of the cave. Once again, there is no effort to pursue.

Takua frowns, looking for something to use. If traditional weaponry isn’t an option…

His eyes fall on the large boulders just inside the cave. His gaze then turns to the long, powerful legs of the Makiki. A foolhardy scheme is forming in his head… but will it work?

Only one way to find out.

Takua darts inside, and before the Makika could snatch him again, he summons all his strength and picks up the boulder. Undeterred, the frog-like Rahi lumbers over, but before it can seize Takua again, the Matoran throws the boulder forward, where it lands like a sledgehammer on the Rahi’s legs. The beast roars in pain, and as it struggles to get unpinned, Takua races over to Nokama, hoists her up, and charges back out of the cave.

Takua does not stop until he reaches the safety of the village.

The Toa Gali Stone

Once free of her bonds, Nokama turns to Takua, retrieving an Amana Volo Sphere from her hut and handing it to him. “Thank you for rescuing me, little one. The island of Mata Nui needs your help! As I have feared, some of the sacred Toa Stones are still missing. Our own Toa Gali Stone was taken by a creature that lives in the cliffs across the harbor. The harbor is to the southwest.”

Takua remembers the path to the southwest, and he also remembers the quiet blue guard that stopped him. When he returns the guard is gone, however, as is the Matoran with the blue Huna he’d spoken to before.

Before he sets out, he makes a quick stop to drop something off.

“Excellent work!” exclaims the Ga-Koro Treekeeper. “You’ve recovered the first half of the Vuata Maca Tree crystal. There is still one more you must find.”

The southwestern path of the harbor

Takua hopes that the second one will be easily found, perhaps somewhere along the path to the Toa Stone. Setting out this time along the southwest stretch of the harbor, he finds that this region is lined with far fewer rivers and tributaries, but the path is much more marshy. Many of the opponents he faces are the same, although he has grown quite skilled in fending them off. To his surprise he spots an Amana Volo Sphere hidden behind some boulders, and the Madu Cabolo make quick work of them. Like the previous Amana Volo Spheres, this one floods him with even greater strength and energy than he has known.

The second Vuata Maca Crystal he finds not far away. The Toa Stone is trickier, although he soon stumbles on an old elevator allowing easy passage to one of the cliffs above. Though the elevator is dilapidated and has clearly seen better days, it remains functional. There, resting at the very top of the cliff, is the Toa Gali Stone.

Return to the Village

The Treekeeper of Ga-Koro is no less jubilant than that of Onu-Koro.

Gali be praised! You’ve recovered both of the Vuata Maca Tree crystals.”

As the Treekeeper places the crystals in their proper spots, the Vuata Maca Tree grows brighter and fuller. The rotting process reverses, and Takua smiles as the tree flourishes once again. Essences of power spark in the curves of its branches.

To reward his efforts, the Treekeeper gifts him with a new Amana Volo Sphere. Takua makes room in his pack, for it seems he may get a lot of them.

Takua also pays a visit to Nokama, who greets him warmly. “Thank you for getting our Toa Stone back!” she says. “You are now free to go to the next village.”

Ga-Koro only has one path left for him to take. As he heads to the eastern path, he finds it open for him to pass.

[note 1]


  1. Within this level, unused dialogue includes:
    “Watch out for Kotu -- she’s quite the practical joker!”
    “Kotu is Maku’s best friend. Did you know that?”
    “I’ve heard that Maku likes someone in Po-Koro. Can you believe that?”
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