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The Dream

The Vision

It is dark. A light appears far, far way. From the light comes streaking a large, carved stone. The carvings are that of a kind and peaceful face. The stone lands upright, hard upon the ground. Its glow illuminates the smaller rocks scattered around it. One rock begins to move, and it rolls closer to the stone. Other rocks also begin to move until six neat piles of rocks have formed around the carved stone.

Suddenly, another stone lands hard upon the ground nearby. This stone is dark and jagged, like basalt or obsidian, with a dark and jagged face etched within it. From the bottom of the dark stone, an inky black darkness spreads, infecting the ground and spreading quickly until it overtakes the carved stone, knocking it over onto the ground. The carved stone sinks slowly into the ground, as if in a deep sleep. Three smaller jagged black rocks emerge from the ground and surround the dark stone.

From the light, six new stones are sent. They are the same light color and shape as the carved stone, but they are unmarked and of a size between that of the carved stone and the small rocks which still surround it. The six stones land upon the ground surrounding the dark stone.

Soon, the three black rocks surrounding the dark stone disintegrate. Once they are gone, cracks begin to form along the bottom of the dark stone. The cracks race up the dark stone until it completely shatters and explodes.

On the Beach

The canister

I awake to find myself upon the beach. I recall that I saw this island from far overhead in a dream, just before the sound of the waves washing upon the shore and birds flying about the sky brought me to consciousness. Indeed, I feel as though I myself fell from the sky and landed here.

Or perhaps, it was this mysterious canister in front of me that has fallen from the sky and landed here. I do not know. In fact, I cannot even recall who I am.

I move toward the canister. It is a light gray metal. Seaweed clings to the bottom. The rounded top appears to have been blown off. There are overly large, deep footprints that leave from the bottom of the canister and lead to the rocky hills to my right.

I follow the footprints to my right. They end up ahead where a fresh flow of lava meets the sea, steam blowing across the rocks. It is too hot here. I must turn back

But before I do, I see him. The tall, shadowy stranger stands alone upon the steaming rocks, his back to me. He turns and glances at me, his eyes as fiery as the lava that flows around him. No words are exchanged. He turns back, and then he is gone.

As I head back to where I started, I see a large stone face carved into the side of the cliff. I had not noticed it behind me earlier. Its large mouth appears to be a portal to somewhere, but I am unable to coax it open.

I turn around and find myself back where I had started. On my left in the distance, a bird circles an unusual rocky outcropping. Near the top, the stone is smooth and conical. Are those steps I see? I turn to look more closely.

Those must be steps. There are many more which lead all the way from the beach to the top of the rock. But there, in front of the rock, someone is motioning to me.[note 1]

She is a bright blue creature with large feet and almost no torso. Her matching blue mask reveals only her glowing yellow eyes. Her overall look is angular, almost mechanical. Behind her, a large green boat floats in the water.


She pleads to me, “Help. Help me. My village has been attacked!”[note 2]

I ask, “Who are you?”

“My name is Maku, of Ga-Koro,” she replies. “Ga-Koro lies between the sea and Lake Naho, down the coast.”

“It’s a great village of many Matoran, and our leader is the Turaga Nokama. I fear much of it has been destroyed by now!”[note 3]

I ask, “What happened?”

Maku hesitates, unsure of where to start. “I – I was away when the Rahi attacked, and when I returned the monsters were everywhere, destroying everything in sight. Nokama and the others barricaded themselves into a hut to hide, but the Rahi broke the pump and the hut sank beneath the waves.”[note 4]

Suddenly, I have a vision. I can see the inhabitants of the floating green village of Ga-Koro going about their daily lives. Then, ominously, a dark monster quickly arises out of the water. The inhabitants all huddle together in one small hut, all except for the one poor soul who is thrown into the hut by the monster. Then, all goes dark.

Maku and her pleading bring me back to the here and now. “Please, there is no time. My people are in great danger. Will you help me?”[note 5]

I do not know who I am or where I am going. I only know Maku needs my help.

“Yes, I will help you.”

Maku directs me. “Go to Ga-Koro and find Nokama. She is very wise and might have a plan for escape! I will try to find Gali. If the Rahi are near the village, she is the only one who can defeat them. She’s on a great quest and may be very far away.”

“The only way to get to Ga-Koro from here is by sea, so you must take my boat, and I will search for the Toa on foot. Good luck! And tell Nokama that I am safe!”

I take to my boat and bounce across the waves as I head to Ga-Koro.


  1. Following the beach scene's initial release, the lava flow was cleared before Maku was added, prompting the player to first travel to Ta-Wahi, meeting Kapura and Jala who would first speak of Makuta, the Rahi, and the Toa. Because the Maku was present on the beach at the onset of the game moving forward, the original progression was not locked in and the Walkthrough reverses the order of Ta-Koro and Ga-Koro.
  2. In the game, both periods in this line are exclamation points.
  3. In its original release, the game referred to Matoran as "Tohunga," although these instances were altered to "Matoran" in later revisions following the Māori lawsuit.
  4. In the game, both periods in this line are exclamation points.

    An earlier version of this line reads, “I – I was away when the Rahi attacked, and when I returned the monsters were everywhere, destroying everything in sight. The Rahi imprisoned Nokama and the others in a hut and then sank it beneath the waves!”
  5. The player has the option to say “I’m sorry, I cannot help you now.” Maku replies, “I should never have left them! Oh what will I do now?” Upon his return, Maku says, “Please, there is no time! My people are in great danger!” and then, “Have you changed your mind? Will you help us?”
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