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The Ga-Koro gate

I arrive in the calm waters of Ga-Koro. Smoke is billowing into the air from one of the floating green dome buildings. In the distance, three waterfalls cascade down from a cliff carved into a mysterious mask shape. I walk to the gate to the village.

The gate is locked closed. There are rocks of various sizes strewn about the sand. A large rock hangs from one side of the gate. On the other side hangs a large shell. At the top of the gate is a strange text of circular letters. Somewhere, in the back of my mind, I can make out the writing: GA KORO.

Beneath the letters is a circle within a circle. Each circle has a small blue stone. As I add rocks to the shell, the inner circle rotates and the blue stones grow closer together. When the two blue stones are aligned, the gate opens and I can proceed onto the large green floating pads of Ga-Koro.

Much destruction is evident in the dome buildings. Most are flooded. In one I discover an unusual crystal, a Lightstone, and I pick it up.

At the far end of one of the pads, a strange pump-like machine sits idle. A large pipe sticks up out of the water. I take a closer look at the pipe.

“Who is that? Who’s there?”[note 1] comes from the pipe. “Hurry my friend – you are our only hope!”

Maku sent me to rescue you!” I reply.

“Maku escaped? We were so worried about her!” says the pipe. “We are trapped here underwater! The door is stuck and we can’t open it! If the village pumps are repaired, the hut will rise to the surface, and we can escape. The Rahi smashed them and pieces fell into the water. If you can find the missing piece and put it back in the pump machine, it will float us back up!”

“I left a Lightstone in my hut. It might help you see underwater. Please hurry!”

“Hold on. I’ll be right back!” is all I can think to say.

“Hurry back! I don’t know how much longer we can survive in here, and the Rahi may return!”

The Dive and the Battle of Ga-Koro

I find a pool from which I can descend into the water.

Below, there is no indication of the destruction above, only peaceful waters and the swimming creatures of the ocean.

I swim toward the pipe, and a glimmer catches my eye.

Here are those with whom I spoke above. They motion to me and pound upon the door. I must find the missing piece of the pump!

A Tarakava

I am desperate to find it, when suddenly I remember the Lightstone. I take it out and shine it upon the waters. What once was just another starfish upon the rocks instead gleams with a metallic reflection. This must be the missing piece! I retrieve it and head back to the pump.

I place the gear back into the pump and press the button. The pump springs to life and starts rumbling. Soon, the submerged green dome pops back to the surface and the grateful villagers pour forth.

But there is no time for celebration. What must certainly be the Rahi also springs forth from the water. It begins its attack upon the villagers, when suddenly another creature emerges from the sea to defend them. A fierce battle ensues until both drag each other back into the water.

The Rahi is the first to appear, but its mask is missing. It falls stunned off to the side to reveal the defender, triumphantly holding the Rahi’s gruesome mask. This victorious defender can only be Gali, the Toa of whom Maku spoke earlier.

Rebuilding Ga-Koro

Gali does not stick around to celebrate her victory however. As quickly as she arrived, she is gone. I notice that the Rahi is being tended to by one of the villagers.

“This is the Tarakava that attacked the village,” the villager tells me. “Don’t be afraid… he is no longer under the dark influence of Makuta.”

“Shhh… he is resting,” she says, although I am not aware that I am making any noise. “He has been through a great ordeal. In time he may be tamed. Sometimes Rahi become infected by Makuta’s darkness. Only by removing their mask can they be saved.”

The villagers quickly return to their fishing and daily lives. There is much work to do to repair the village.[note 2] Before I leave, I speak to the village elder, Turaga Nokama.

Turaga Nokama

“Thank you for rescuing us. You are bold and true to your word. All the Matoran of Ga-Koro owe you their gratitude. For once I am glad that Maku snuck away from the village, so that she could find you!” she praised.

“Your eyes are filled with questions about the mysteries of Mata Nui my friend. Giving you some of the answers you seek is small payment for your deeds, but I offer you what knowledge I can.”

“Our astrologer has seen great changes in the skies, and has read the dark future of Mata Nui. The Toa have come and begun their mighty quests to save us from the Makuta. And yet here, in the midst of this upheaval, are you, a brave wanderer in this dangerous land.”[note 3]

“Who am I?” I ask.

“I think someone has plans for you that are greater than your stature would suggest. Perhaps you are to be a hero like the Toa. I do not know.”[note 4] She replied. “The Matoran have forgotten their civilization. Even the Turaga do not have record of all that has come before.”

“But the ocean remembers. Like history, the water holds many secrets in its forbidden depths. It surrounds Mata Nui, and it covers it; it watches the island as it sleeps, and remembers. It caught the Toa gently when they descended, and delivered them to us.”

“You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.”[note 5]

“Who is Gali?” I ask.

“Gali, the Toa of water, the great hero of Ga-Koro. Like the other Toa, she descended from the heavens to save us from the Makuta. She is wise, and strong, and quick.”

“Gali is the protector of the sea, and of the lakes and rivers that feed it. Her Mask of Power lets her breathe freely beneath the waves.”

“What of Maku?” I ask.

“Maku often sneaks out of the village to spy on Huki, the Koli champion. She tells me she is just practicing her boating, but I know the truth. And it is far too dangerous for her to be outside the village now. For her own safety, I will forbid her to go, even though her wandering saved us this time.”

“If in your travels to Po-Koro, you should meet Huki, tell him she is safe. He may have heard of the attack and will be worried.”

“Thank you. Goodbye,” is all I could think to say. Maku has told me that she has heard of trouble in Po-Koro.

“Good luck, brave adventurer,” she replies.

I visit with the astrologer before I leave Ga-Koro. I ask her what she is doing.

“I am the astrologer. I watch the stars, and the water. I am charting changes in the skies. Many important things are happening around Mata Nui, and many more will happen. I use the telescope on the cliff. It tells what will happen, and when,” she tells me.[note 6]

The astrologer

“How do I use the telescope?” I ask.

“It’s very simple,” she replies. “Around the base of the telescope are pictures. They are constellations, patterns of stars in the night sky, and markings that show the prophecies of legends.”

“Each picture has a red star in it. When the Red Star reaches a certain place in the heavens, it means something important will happen here on Mata Nui: one of the prophecies. When you look through the telescope, you will see many stars, and one of them is the Red Star.”

“Look at the constellations near the Red Star. They will look like the ones in the pictures. When the Red Star is exactly where it is shown in one of the pictures, then a prophecy may come true.”

“If something changes in the sky, it is my job to change the pictures, so that I can better see the future. Even though we Matoran remember the prophecies, nothing is certain… the future can change.”

“If you can read the numbers in the telescope, it is even easier to tell the future.”

“Have you any other questions for me?” the Astrologer asks. “The heavens are in turmoil, and I must chart their fluctuations.”

I have no further questions, so I leave.[note 7] I find the boat, now moored at the dock, and sail back to Ta-Wahi to get a closer look at the mysterious telescope.

The Telescope

The telescope

I climb up the many steps to the telescope that sits atop a column out over the water. There are ten panels engraved upon its outside, each with one red stone.

Each panel appears to portend an event. The panels are divided into two parts: top and bottom. Each top picture is adorned with stars. The biggest star is always embellished with a red stone.

The bottom panels seem to tell a story. I recognize the cylindrical vessel, the tall fiery stranger, and Toa Gali. Other panels feature creatures I have not seen before and events I do not yet understand.

Inside the telescope, I discover the amazing controls of this magnificent machine. There are circles here like those at the very bottom of the panels outside, only the images inside these circles are changing. In the center of the display, I can clearly see the stars in the heavens. As I scan the sky, I pause when a bright red star comes into view.

As I leave the telescope, I see what I did not before: a small stone monument. As I gaze upon it, I recall the strange dream from which I awoke earlier.


  1. Upon returning to the pipe, this line becomes, “Ahh, it's you my friend! Have you found the missing piece yet?”
  2. Dialogue for the fishers in the village include: “Hail, hero! Thanks for saving us! Now we can go back to our fishing!” and “I once caught a fish THIS big!” and “Nokama is looking for you: she has something of great importance for you to do.”

    Dialogue for the villagers in the village include: “Thank you! You saved our village, friend!” and “After the Rahi attack, there is still much work to do restoring Ga-Koro.” and “Nokama is looking for you, she has something of great importance for you to do.”

    Prior to the addition of the Po-Wahi update, a guard posted at the dock would say: “The marina is closed for repairs until further notice. They say it may take until the flowers are in full bloom.” and “Nokama is looking for you, she has something of great importance for you to do.”

    (After the player speaks to Turaga Nokama, the final dialogue option for each of the above is removed.)

    Finally, Maku sits in her hut anxiously, saying, “I’ve heard that there's trouble in Po-Koro! Oh no, poor Huki…” and “Why does Nokama make me stay in the village at a time like this? Huki might need me!”
  3. Upon returning to Nokama later, her greeting becomes, “Hello again.”

    Nokama's line when awaiting Takua's questioning is, “How may I help you?” although later in the game after delivering the note, some versions read: “How may I help you little one?”
  4. Some of Nokama's dialogue was modified as the game was updated. Earlier renditions included, “I think Papu and Rangi have plans for you that are greater than your stature would suggest.” and, “I think there are plans for you that are greater than your stature would suggest.”
  5. Some versions of this dialogue read, “You must find your own destiny my brave little adventurer.”
  6. These first two lines come in response to Takua's question “Who are you?” while the rest comes in response to, “What are you doing?” Strangely, at the end of the astrologer's first response, some versions of the code erroneously inserts Maku's line, “It's a great village of many Tohunga, and our leader is the Turaga Nokama. I fear much of it has been destroyed by now!”

    Upon Takua's arrival, the astrologer greets him with, “…”
  7. Takua says, “Goodbye.”
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