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The Earth Tribe's canon status is disputed.
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Earth Tribe
Headquarters Bota Magna
Leader Element Lord of Earth
Goals Defend themselves from the tribes of Spherus Magna[1]
Prevent a worldwide alliance against themselves[2]
Allies None
Enemies Tribes of Spherus Magna
Status Active

The Earth Tribe is a tribe on Spherus Magna whose deceitful diplomacy brought about the Core War and the Shattering.[3][4]


The Earth Tribe resided in the Great Jungle of Spherus Magna.[5]

More than 100,000 years ago, the Great Beings selected an Earth Tribe warrior and granted her[6][7] Elemental Powers. She ruled over her tribe as the Element Lord of Earth.[8]

The Earth Tribe, aware of what went on beneath Spherus Magna, discovered Energized Protodermis before it appeared on the planet's surface. The Element Lord of Earth contemplated claiming the substance, but she reconsidered as such a powerful resource would make herself and her tribe a valuable target. Instead she waited for Energized Protodermis to rise to the planet's surface so that others would discover it. Then, the Element Lord hoped, she could foment conflict among the other tribes and claim the substance for herself.[4]

Eventually, the Ice Tribe found a spring of Energized Protodermis.[9] The Earth Tribe subtly encouraged the Ice Tribe to claim the well and, in so doing, underhandedly kickstarted the Core War. The Earth Tribe abstained from the war, preaching peace all while subverting attempts to end the conflict.[4]

Spherus Magna grew unstable as the conflict waged on, and before the Earth Tribe could claim the Ice Tribe's well, the Shattering brought the Core War to an end.[4] Although a few Earth Agori were on Bara Magna at that time,[1][10][note 1] the Element Lord of Earth and the rest of the surviving Earth Tribe were stranded on Bota Magna.[12]

While the Core War raged, many did not realize the Earth Tribe's schemes. After the Shattering, however, it became common knowledge that the Earth Tribe was responsible for the Core War. For its treachery, the Earth Tribe was effectively exiled from the rest of Spherus Magna society.[4]

Over 100,000 years later, Mata Nui used the Prototype Robot and the Great Spirit Robot to reunite the three fragments of Spherus Magna.[13] The Earth Tribe now resides on the restored planet.[14] They plan to seed discord among the other tribes to prevent a worldwide alliance against themselves.[2]

Known Members


  • A few Agori that were stranded on Bara Magna after the Shattering[1]


Social Structure and Interactions

The Earth Tribe's people are farmers,[5] and their tribal colors are brown and black.[16] While male members prefer to work in farms, female members such as the Element Lord of Earth tended to rule Earth Tribe territory until the Great Beings became Spherus Magna's scientist-kings.[6] The Earth Tribe has greater numbers on Bota Magna than on Bara Magna.[5] The Earth Tribe is extremely tied to nature, and they justified their neutrality in the Core War by claiming that they feared the conflict's effects on the planet.[17][18] While the Earth Tribe generally feels regret for the harm they did to Spherus Magna in indirectly causing the Shattering, they do not regret starting the Core War.[19]

Prior to the Shattering, the Earth Tribe had enough influence to sway the other tribes into war. However, when the other tribes realized the Earth Tribe's treachery, the Earth Tribe was outcast from Spherus Magna's society.[4]


  • In 2009, product descriptions erroneously identified the Zesk and Vorox as members of the Earth Tribe.[20][21][22][23][24] Additionally, one of Raanu's lines in Glatorian Arena refer to the Earth Tribe.[25]
  • Initially, the term "Earth Tribe" was a placeholder name for the Iron Tribe.[26] In 2014, BZPower and BS01 member Angel Bob, known as "Pointless Questions" on the LEGO Message Boards, asked about the existence of the Earth Tribe as its own tribe to Greg Farshtey, who confirmed it as official canon.[3] In 2017, Farshtey posted a backstory for the Earth Tribe, explaining why they were never mentioned previously.[27] However, this backstory contradicts past established canon, which Farshtey stated was not his intention.[28] Because of this, the canonicity of the Earth Tribe is disputed.
    • Tera, a Glatorian con artist trapped in the Valley of the Maze for thousands of years, was a character in the planned fifth BIONICLE movie. Since this movie was never made, Tera never became an official character, nor was the name approved by the legal team. At the time, they were stated to be from the Earth Tribe, as the element of the plagued tribe had not been determined yet.


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