Hook Blades (Chirox)

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This article is about the weapons wielded by Makuta Chirox. You may be looking for the Skull Army's weapons or the Skull Scorpios' blades.
Hook Blades
Users Chirox
Function Melee combat
Channeling his Shadow powers
Status Destroyed

The Hook Blades were Protosteel weapons used by Makuta Chirox. He could use them for melee combat or to channel his Shadow powers.

When Chirox was killed in the Energy Storms of Karda Nui during the re-awakening of Mata Nui, his Hook Blades were destroyed along with him.

Example Usage

Chirox creating a Shadow hand through his Hook Blades

In Realm of Fear, Chirox shot a shadow hand from the Hook Blades, grabbing Pohatu.

Set Information

Two Hook Blades were included in the Chirox set, released in 2008.