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Impact Crystal Launcher
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Manufacturer Vortixx
Users Various
Function Subdue and capture enemies
Status In use

The Impact Crystal Launcher is one of many weapons manufactured on Xia.


The Launcher's initial design was developed by Avak during his first expedition to Metru Nui as a Dark Hunter to liberate the Kanohi Dragon. On the party's way through Ko-Metru, Avak became fascinated by the growth process of a Knowledge Tower – specialized crystals called Knowledge Crystals were submerged into basins of refined Liquid Protodermis, after which a Tower would instantly form.

Realizing the weapons potential of such technology, the Skakdi began work on a prototype launcher whilst still in Metru Nui. However, the arrival of the Toa Mangai put an abrupt end to these plans, and Avak was forced to stash his uncompleted blueprints in a hidden area in Ko-Metru.

Thousands of years later, during the Visorak occupation of Metru Nui, Roodaka accidentally stumbled upon the designs and shipped them back to her native Xia for examination. Weapons-smiths on Xia added several features to the launcher, such as a laser sight for greater accuracy, and a telescoping range adjuster which operated by varying the thickness of the Liquid Protodermis film on the end. The barrel of the launcher was covered with low-grade Protodermis ore plating, to limit accidental reaction to the kinetically-charged Crystal, launched by means of a sonic firing hammer at the end.

The Impact Crystal Launcher continues to be a popular item for various organizations in the Matoran Universe, to include the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Dark Hunters. In the past, the assembly cost of a Launcher was quite expensive, however, as Knowledge Crystals proved difficult to come by during the thousand years of Metru Nui's desertion. Now that the Matoran of Metru Nui have returned and recommenced trade, production of the Launcher has increased accordingly.


The Launcher fires Knowledge Crystals through a thin film of Liquid Protodermis. When the Crystal embeds itself in or near the target, a miniature Knowledge Tower grows around it, immobilizing and effectively incapacitating the target. By varying the thickness of the Liquid Protodermis film on the end, it is possible to change the length of time between firing the crystal and it forming a Knowledge Tower. Two clips, each holding three Crystals, can be loaded into the Launcher at one time.

It is commonly used to subdue and capture prisoners of political interest by locking them within miniature Towers.


  • The Impact Crystal Launcher was created by BZPower member and former BIONICLESector01 Moderator Triggy as an entry for the BIONICLE Storyline & Theories Contest #4. It won second-place in the Art: Hand-drawn category and was accepted into official canon. Book author Greg Farshtey has stated that only the functionality of the launcher is canon; the weapon's storyline aspect has been retained in the article solely to show the entry in its entirety.

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