Judgement Cannon

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Judgement Cannon
Manufacturer Vortixx
Users Unknown
Function Weaken, strengthen resolve
Status Unknown

The Judgement Cannon is a mysterious projectile weapon.


The Judgement Cannon was built while the Hand of Artakha was still in power. Due to its destructive potential, those overseeing the cannon's creation kept it a strict secret, to the degree that few beings know of the weapon's existence. Those that do know of it guard this knowledge closely. The secrecy surrounding this project was meant to keep it from falling into the wrong hands, for fear that the cannon could be redesigned and repurposed by those who would use it with nefarious intent. The Order of Mata Nui was rumored to possess at least one of these devices, but it is unknown if any are still owned by the Order or in operational condition.

The energy for the weapon is produced by a specifically bred race of Protodites which live inside the cannon. The Protodites produce a certain type of psychic energy which the cannon amplifies and focuses into a ranged beam.


The Judgement Cannon has the ability to affect the will of beings, either destroying an enemy's will to continue fighting, or reinforcing an ally's resolve. When used on an enemy, the being becomes disillusioned with violence, making them wish for peace and cease to fight. The power of the weapon can be augmented by the mental strength and skill of the user; conversely, the weapon's effectiveness is also determined by the mental strength of the target. Furthermore, the cannon's power can be also hampered if the target has been trained to mentally shield their mind from outside interference.