Twilight Blade

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Twilight Blade
Manufacturer Vortixx
Users Various
Function Blind/confuse enemies
Melee combat
Status In use

The Twilight Blade is a specially designed sword manufactured on Xia.


The Twilight Blade requires a large amount of skill to properly use, and must be used in certain conditions for the proper effect to be achieved. If wielded properly in areas with high levels of light, the blade can redirect the light into the eyes of the opponent, causing temporary blindness. In areas with low amounts of light, the blade can appear almost invisible, again, if used properly, making it harder for the enemy to counter attacks. This leads most to believe that the Twilight Blade has powers of Light and Shadow, when all it really does is reflect available light in certain ways.


Due to the level of skill required to effectively wield the blade, and that its special properties rely heavily on the amount of light in the environment, very few models were purchased from Xia.