Eccentric Rock

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Eccentric Rock
Manufacturer Vortixx
Users Various
Function Traps target in cage
Status In use

The Eccentric Rock is a weapon developed on Xia.


The Eccentric Rock is a rock with a hollow center which is filled with a type of sticky Protodermis. When thrown or catapulted (depending on the variant) the Eccentric Rock explodes upon impact, splatting the target with the Protodermis inside. The Protodermis then forms a cage around the target, efficiently trapping the enemy. However, the Eccentric Rock can only contain a small amount of Protodermis at a time, and the effects normally do not last beyond an hour.

Eccentric Boulder

The Eccentric Boulder is a larger variant of the original Eccentric Rock. It has the same functions as the normal Eccentric Rock, but has a larger capacity and thus able to store more Protodermis. The effects of the Eccentric Boulder is also visibly longer than its smaller cousin, due to the increased volume.