Devastator (Weapon)

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This article is about the weapon. You may be looking for the Dark Hunter.
Devastator (Weapon)
Manufacturer Vortixx
Users Skakdi
Function Battle Tahtorak
Status In use

The Devastator is a weapon manufactured on Xia. This deadly spear was ordered from Xia for use by Skakdi for the purpose of killing an opponent's Tahtorak while mounted on one's own. Multiple other weapons failed at this, including crossbows and other projectiles.


The Devastator is a thirty-foot lance, designed to be long enough to reach a Tahtorak's chest. When used, the rider wielding this weapon will charge the other Tahtorak, driving it several feet deep into its armor. At this point, the Skakdi presses a button and an explosive charge on the tip goes off, killing or mortally wounding the Tahtorak from the inside.

Originally the explosion would render the Devastator useless after each kill, but eventually the power of regeneration Kanoka was integrated into its design so that it could re-form a working bomb after any fight.

Only the strongest of Skakdi are able to use this weapon, as the lance is very difficult to lift and control.