Firework Revolver

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Firework Revolver is semi-canon.
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Firework Revolver
Manufacturer Vortixx
Users Various
Function Launching fireworks
Status In use

The Firework Revolver is a weapon designed by the Vortixx and Nynrah Ghosts.


Inspired by the fireworks used by the Matoran which involve elements from Kanoka Disks, the Vortixx stole some fireworks from the Matoran and, with the assistance of the Nynrah Ghosts, created a weapon from them, resulting in the Firework Revolver.


The Firework Revolver is a dark, metallic green firearm which fires ammunition capable of causing burns.


  • The Firework Revolver was created by the BZPower member Palutena the Terrible in the BIONICLE Storyline & Theories Contest #4 contest, in which the entry came 2nd in the Description category finals and was canonized. Book author Greg Farshtey has stated that only the functionality of the weapon is canon; the weapon's storyline aspect has been retained in the article solely to show the entry in its entirety.