Electro Chute Blade

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Electro Chute Blade
Manufacturer Vortixx
Users Various
Function Shocking enemies
Melee combat
Status In use

The Electro Chute Blade is a weapon designed by the Vortixx.


The Electro Chute Blade is based off of the Chute technology developed in Metru Nui. A miniaturized version of the Chute field technology is installed into the hilt of the device; a knob labeled 'M' controls the density of the field. The blade itself is formed from metallic Liquid Protodermis, which is electrified and contained by the force field. The field can be adjusted to allow the blade to pass through solid objects and shock them with electricity.


The Electro Chute Blade is described as a long, elegant sword with a dark, blue-tinged blade, which appears to shift and swirl. The hilt has two knobs surrounded by numbers.