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Earth Claw
Manufacturer Vortixx
Users Unknown
Function Replace limbs
Melee combat
Status Vanished

The Earth Claw is a versatile tool designed by a Toa of Earth and manufactured on Xia.


The Earth Claw was first conceived on a Toa team's visit to Xia. A Toa of Earth in the group was astounded by the quality of weapons there, and wanted the team to get new Toa Tools. Unwilling to be associated with the Makuta and Dark Hunters who obtained their weaponry there, the others rejected the idea. This sparked an argument, resulting in the Toa of Earth leaving the team. He went to Xia, designed and constructed the Earth Claw with assistance of highly skilled Vortixx, keeping the blueprints to prevent his designs from spreading. After discovering how powerful the weapon was, the Toa of Earth attempted to climb the Mountain. He was still no match for it, however, and was devoured by it, leaving only the remains of his claw.

Unbeknownst to the Toa, the Vortixx had made several copies of the blueprints and secretly manufactured and sold Earth Claws. The manufacturing eventually came to an abrupt stop, however, when all existing blueprints were mysteriously stolen.

It is rumored that the Toa of Earth might have left some of his Toa Power in the original Earth Claw before he died.


Though it looks like a simple claw, the Earth Claw can enter a number of modes and become a hand, shield, drill, or jackhammer. This gives it a wide variety of uses, both on and off the battlefield. It can be used as a replacement for a lost limb, such as an arm.


  • The Earth Claw was created by BZPower member Mihunai as an entry for the BIONICLE Storyline & Theories Contest #4. It came in first-place in the Art: Computer category and was accepted into official canon. Book author Greg Farshtey has stated that only the functionality of the claw is canon; the history section remains solely to portray the entire entry.

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