Energy Extraction Rifle

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Energy Extraction Rifle
Manufacturer Vortixx
Users Various
Function Drains a being's energy
Drains and condenses user's energy
Status In use

The Energy Extraction Rifle is a compact energy draining tool manufactured on Xia.


Though hardy creatures, the Vortixx lack a real power of their own. They came to the realization that other beings, too, possess intelligence, but not power, such as Matoran. They eventually developed a weapon that allows the user to drain other beings of their energy, leveling the field in terms of combat. Due to its parasitic nature, Matoran shunned it; however, it was very well received by plenty of other rich, but defenseless species.

Once, by accident, it was used upon a Makuta. The Makuta was unaffected, but the rifle was heavily damaged. Upon examining it, the Vortixx found a small slug-like creature clinging to the rifle. The Makuta ordered it in surplus, seeing a quick, painless way to create Kraata. They also discovered that (after slight modifications), they could drain their own energy into it, and channel the resulting essence through the rifle, much like a Toa Tool. However, due to the heavy damage sustained by the rifle after each extraction, it soon became too impractical, and was abandoned.

One other species managed to engineer how to reverse the process, and use both processes, thereby extracting their own energies, and launching them. However, this is dangerously close to the process by which one taps into his/her own darkness to use energy; the Order of Mata Nui is monitoring this species closely in case an incident occurs.


Much like the Energy Siphon Blade, the Energy Extraction Rifle absorbs the target's energy in a manner similar to the Vorahk. However, this energy can also be stored and manipulated, providing a quick, efficient power source, among other things. The energy cannot be directly transferred into beings, however, rendering it pointless for several stronger species. The Rifle has the ability to drain large amounts of power, but it is fragile, and prone to overloading, if the energy is not properly discharged from it. Makuta once modified some to store Kraata, but these models were abandoned and eventually deteriorated.