Energy Siphon Blade

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Energy Siphon Blade
Nihu-Motara Energy Siphon.png
Manufacturer Vortixx
Users Various
Function Drains any being's energy, channels it through blade, melee combat
Status In use

The Energy Siphon Blade is an energy-draining blade developed on Xia.


Prior to the Great Cataclysm, as a part of his plan to rid Metru Nui of the Toa Mangai, Makuta Teridax sent two Toa from that group, a Toa of Water and a Toa of Stone, to Xia for testing on a weapon he commissioned. They were held there for some time during the weapon's creation.

Three models of the Nihu-Motara Energy Siphon were originally produced. Model B was created for the use of Toa- or Skakdi-sized beings, while Model C was designed for larger entities. Model D made use of melted down enlargement and shrink Kanoka to change size with shape-shifting species, though it was made only available for purchase by Makuta. There was originally a Model A for smaller beings such as Matoran, but it was deemed unprofitable and scrapped.

The schematics for the weapon.

It is not known for sure if the blade is capable of controlling a Makuta's essence, but the Brotherhood of Makuta has nonetheless banned the use of this weapon on its members. Doing so is punishable by death.


The prongs on the end of the blade begin draining the strength and energy of any being they are pressed against, in a manner similar to the Vorahk. It not only weakens the being, however, but also envelopes the blade in the energy it takes from them.

Testing on the two Toa Mangai revealed that, for beings that wield elements without any added strength (such as Water, Ice, Fire, Air, etc.), the blade is highly useful, whereas elements that naturally come with added strength (Earth, Stone, Iron) have a certain degree of resistance to the absorption.


  • The Nihu-Motara Energy Siphon Blade was created by BZPower and BIONICLEsector01 member Wrinkledlion X as an entry for the BIONICLE Storyline & Theories Contest #4. It won first-place in the Art: Hand-Drawn category and was accepted into official canon. Book author Greg Farshtey has stated that only the functionality of the blade is canon; the weapon's storyline aspect has been retained in the article solely to show the entry in its entirety.
  • The text on the upper-left of the blueprint says "Nihu-Motara Elemental Siphon Blade", in the large print and the small print. On the upper-right, it says "Schematics". Underneath the Vahi-like drawing and the Brotherhood insignia, it says "The Makuta" and "B o M" respectively.