Hagah Plasma Cannon

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"Long range weaponry is so impersonal. The devastation this causes, though ... nothing short of magnificent."
Dark Hunter Lurker, No One Gets Left Behind

Hagah Plasma Cannon
Manufacturer Vortixx
Users Matoran
Function Ranged attacks
Status In use
Pronunciation HAH-gah

The Hagah Plasma Cannon is a weapon created by the Vortixx of Xia.


The Hagah Plasma Cannon in hand-held form

The Hagah Plasma Cannon can act as a fixed turret or a hand-held device, depending on the user. The fixed form is normally used by the Matoran or species of about the same height. It can, however, be transformed into a hand-held weapon for larger beings, such as Toa, at the flip of a switch.

Power is supplied through a battery on one side, which feeds energy through energy-conducting tubes. The energy is then used to heat up the plasma in the plasma-tank and feed it into the barrel, where it is kept in place by a force field. Once enough plasma has been built up against it, the shield disappears and the pressurized plasma is blasted forward. The plasma is discharged when the user grips one of the two sensitive handles.

There is also a laser on the cannon, which increases the accuracy of shots. Because the laser requires light, however, the Hagah Plasma Cannon is normally used in daylight. The weapon will still operate in the dark, but less accurately.

Example Usage

In No One Gets Left Behind, Lurker used a Hagah Plasma Cannon to destroy the building Varian and Norik were in.


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