Element Lord of Ice

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"Rival? You think too small, brother. With this substance, one could dwarf the Great Beings with ease. It was found in my lands, by my people. I claim it as mine!"
— The Element Lord of Ice to the Element Lord of Rock, All Our Sins Remembered

Element Lord of Ice
AOSR Element Lord of Ice.png
Element Lord
Tribe Ice Tribe
Region Northern Frost[1]
Tools Unknown
Status Alive
Location Northern Region

The Element Lord of Ice was the leader of the Ice Tribe, and ruler of the Northern Frost.


Hoping to pass on the responsibility of governing Spherus Magna, the Great Beings selected warriors from the various tribes and transformed them into the Element Lords.[RotGB, Ch. 6] The Lord of Ice took control of the Ice Tribe, the Northern Frost, and other outposts.[1]

When a spring of Energized Protodermis was discovered in an Ice Tribe outpost[citation needed], all the Element Lords, except the Lord of Earth, met to discuss what to do with the substance. The Element Lord of Ice coveted the Energized Protodermis's power, which he believed could be used to surpass the Great Beings. Subtly encouraged by the Element Lord of Earth,[2] the Lord of Ice barricaded the spring and prevented the other Lords from sharing in the power. The territorial conflict that resulted grew into the Core War, which eventually led to the Shattering.[AOSR] The disaster left him trapped on Bara Magna.[RotGB, Ch. 3]

After freeing themselves, the Element Lords all began heading towards the Valley of the Maze. Along the way, the Lord of Ice encountered a group of Agori also traveling to the Maze and triggered an avalanche to bury them.[RotGB, Ch. 3] The avalanche was stopped by the Lord of Fire, and the two Element Lords began fighting.[RotGB, Ch. 4] The Lord of Ice later left, entering the River Dormus. There he began freezing the waters in an attempt to kill the Lord of Water, who was speaking to the Agori the Lord of Ice had almost killed. The Lord of Water fled to save himself, and the Lord of Rock saved the Agori.[RotGB, Ch. 7]

Abilities and Traits

The Element Lord of Ice possesses the power of Ice, and is intertwined with the element itself. He is aggressive and power hungry, coveting all the power he can acquire for himself.[AOSR]


The Lord of Ice was given tools that reflect his nature.[3]


"A massive wall of white was surging down the mountain, an avalanche of snow from which there could be no hope of escape, and standing atop of the mountain, watching as doom rushed down toward the Agori, stood a warrior made of ice."
— Narrator, Riddle of the Great Beings


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