Forest of Blades

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"The two Agori rode deep into the forest. It was silent. No birds sang here, no rodents scurried across the leaf-strewn floor in search of a meal. It was a garden of sorts, but it was not a place of life."
— Narrator, Riddle of the Great Beings

Forest of Blades
Status Intact
Position Spherus Magna

The Forest of Blades is a mysterious forested area of Spherus Magna and the site of a Core War battle.


Many soldiers who fought in the Core War were fused with the trees, leaving some of them jutting halfway out of the plants while still holding onto their weapons, by the Element Lord of Jungle. The area was dubbed the "Forest of Blades" after the swords the warriors were still holding.[1]

The Agori Tarduk, Crotesius, and Kirbold arrived here on their expedition to find the Red Star. Kirbold refused to enter the forest and turned around, though the other two continued on the journey. While traveling through the forest, they discovered the warriors trapped in the trees. The Element Lord of Jungle appeared and snared the Agori with vines.[1] As he spoke to them, he freed Tarduk due to his nature as a Jungle tribesman. Kirbold returned with a torch, liberating Crotesius and setting the forest ablaze. The three Agori then escaped through the forest and the Element Lord retreated from the flames.[2]

The forest became a part of Spherus Magna once again when the planet's two moons merged back into Bara Magna.[3]


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