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Mask Unknown
Element Jungle
Tools Spear
Status Alive
Location City of the Mask Makers

Harvali is an archaeologist of the Region of Jungle.


Harvali is an Okotan of the Jungle Tribe. She began a career as an archaeologist and became an experienced mountain climber.

Harvali discovered ancient reliefs in a cliff below the City of the Mask Makers picturing the Elemental Creatures and the Temple of Time. Harvali estimated these drawings were made long before the Mask Makers were born, and asked Vizuna, the Protector of Jungle, to climb down so that he could see the reliefs himself. She was determined to build a bridge so that the rest of the islanders could see and study the carvings, but Vizuna tried to discourage her for the idea being too risky. She ignored the Protector of Jungle and built the bridge by herself.

A year before the Toa arrived in the City of the Mask Makers, Harvali went missing and the local villagers informed Vizuna of her disappearance. The Protector investigated the bridge and found the markings of Skull Spiders, but no sign of the archaeologist. He left the bridge intact so that in the slight chance that Harvali had survived, she would have an escape route, but declared as a precaution that no villager should ever come near the road.

Harvali had survived in a nearby cave, but was cornered by a giant snake possessed by a Skull Spider which prevented her escape. She armed herself with a spear and managed to survive until the Protectors arrived, searching for an alternate path to the City of the Mask Makers after Onua destroyed the bridge leading to the city.

The Protectors managed to free the giant snake, and Harvali guided them to the lair of the Lord of Skull Spiders, which was the only way into the city. The Protectors managed to kill the Lord of the Skull Spiders by bringing down the ceiling on top of him and the rest of the Skull Spiders, and the group arrived at the city just as Ekimu defeated Kulta.

Harvali soon designed a rope bridge, built with the help of the Toa and the Protectors, to allow the citizens of Okoto to return to the city.[1]

Abilities and Traits

Harvali got excited when she got to meet the Toa and Ekimu after reading the carvings from them. As an archeologist, she wants to preverse the carvings in the underbelly of the Coty of the Mask Makers.

Harvali is a skilled mountain climber and was known to design and build rope bridges in Okoto.[1]

She carried a spear while living in the cave.[1]



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