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"It was once a place of great heroics and sportsmanship. An ancient game, played only by the strongest and the bravest. One false move, and…"
— Narrator, The Arena

Status Rebuilt[1]
Inhabitants Skull Slicer (formerly)
Position City of the Mask Makers

The Arena was the site where islanders of Okoto played the ancient sport of Hammer Flush.


Before the great cataclysm, the Arena was the site of the game Hammer Flush. Skull Slicer was a champion in the Arena, and was very popular among the islanders.[2]

After Makuta's Betrayal, the Arena was abandoned. When Skull Slicer was reanimated, he began to guard the Arena.[3]

When the Toa entered the City of the Mask Makers, Lewa scouted the area and spotted the Arena. He was unable to convince Kopaka and the others to go to the Arena, so he investigated on his own. While reading the rules of the game, he was ambushed by Skull Slicer, who stole his Golden Mask of Jungle.[4]

The other Toa found Lewa's body, and followed Skull Slicer into the Arena. Skull Slicer made use of the active playing field, forcing the Toa to play the game of Hammer Flush. The Toa retrieved Lewa's mask, and Onua struck the central lever, defeating Skull Slicer. However, Onua destroyed the lever in the process, causing the Arena to collapse and bury the Toa in the rubble.[5]

After the Skull Army was defeated and the islanders returned to the city, the Arena was rebuilt.[1]



Outside the Arena, several large carvings depicted the game of Hammer Flush and detailed its rules and conditions. They were overgrown by vines until Lewa used his power to remove them. One of these carvings was destroyed by Skull Slicer's Mask Grabber when he stole Lewa's mask.[4]

Playing Field

The Arena contained the complicated Hammer Flush playing field. The field was comprised of many hexagonal pillars, which could rise or lower independently, at varying speeds and heights. Tubes at the sides of the Arena disgorged fire into the field, creating a hazard. At the center of the field was an arrangement of tall pillars, with a special lever at the top. Striking this lever would cause all other pillars to lower rapidly, making the floor drop out. The pillars later reset to their original configuration.[5]


"I spotted an arena. It could be… fun."
"We're not looking for fun! We're looking for Ekimu!"
— Lewa and Kopaka, The Arena


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