Temple of Time

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"The temple resembled an enormous metronome, complete with a long pendulum that made a rhythmic ticking noise as it rocked back and forth from its pivot point at the base of the temple’s foundation."
— Narrator, Island of Lost Masks

Temple of Time
Status Intact
Position Region of Jungle

The Temple of Time is the most sacred place on Okoto, and the place where the Mask of Time is kept.


The interior of the Temple

The Temple of Time is thought to be the oldest structure on Okoto, and to connect the island to other places, even other worlds entirely. Ekimu journeyed to the Region of Jungle[1] to get here after seeing the six Elemental Creatures during one Festival of Masks in order to don the Mask of Time and look into the future. By doing so, he learned that the island would be wracked by a cataclysm, which the Temple of Time would be one of the few locations to survive intact.

Ekimu was accompanied here by the ancient Protectors, and met by Uxar after seeing the vision. Uxar provided him with an Elemental Crystal, which he would use to empower Lewa's Golden Mask of Jungle.

During a time of strife, thousands of years after Makuta's Betrayal, the Protectors gathered in the Temple of Time to recite the Prophecy of Heroes, a prayer heard from the body of Ekimu. Afterwards, as was foretold, the six Toa were summoned from the sky onto Okoto.


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