Black Crater

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"You have left your world of light behind. Here, there is only shadow... shadow I command!"
Umarak to the Toa, The Dark Portal

Black Crater
Status Intact
Position Region of Stone

The Black Crater (or Great Crater) is the former site of the Capital City; it became known as the Black Volcano after Umarak attempted to open a portal to the Shadow Realm here.[1]


When the Mask of Ultimate Power exploded, it created a rift that drew the Capital City into the Shadow Realm, leaving behind the Black Crater.

One thousand years later, Umarak, the Destroyer traveled to the crater in order to free Makuta, using his powers to raise a shadowy mountain called the Black Volcano from the depths of the crater. The Toa and Ekimu followed him into the crater and fought Umarak and Elemental Beasts. Umarak used the shards of the Mask of Ultimate Power to create the Dark Portal to the Shadow Realm, but the Toa successfully closed it.


The top of the Black Volcano, where the portal to the Shadow Realm was located, can prevent the Toa from getting traces of their elements from there. However, the Toa have elemental powers in them, so they can combine them to close the portal.


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