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"The Region of Fire is a very tough environment. Dozens of active volcanoes flood the black and barren landscape with rivers of lava.
The air here is dense with noxious fumes and the heat intolerable to most. Therefore, the area is home to some of Okoto’s toughest creatures – some of which have developed remarkable ways of coping with the heat.

Region of Fire
Region of Okoto
Status Inhabited
Inhabitants Ikir
Position Southwest Okoto

The Region of Fire, also known as Ikir,[1] is one of the six realms of Okoto, located to the southwest of the island.


The Region of Fire is home to the Fire Tribe, and has been ruled by generations of Protectors, with the title of Protector of Fire being passed down through the generations.

The Region was named by the ancient Okotans for Ikir, the embodiment of Fire among the Elemental Creatures.[1]

The Skull Spiders, dark creatures seeking to overtake the island, invaded the Region of Fire. Narmoto, the Protector of Fire, gathered with his fellow Protectors to fulfill the Prophecy of Heroes, summoning six Toa to the island to help.

Tahu, Master of Fire, crash landed in the Region of Fire, though with no memory of his identity or what his purpose was. Narmoto led his villagers to discover Tahu, who awed them with his physical prowess. He informed Tahu of his duties, and guided him to a shrine in the region so he could claim the Golden Mask of Fire, one of the six Golden Masks of Power that would enhance his abilities and enable him to save the island. Tahu then departed for the City of the Mask Makers; after he and the other Toa reclaimed it from the evil occupying it, the Fire villagers and their brethren from across the island migrated their.

Tahu subsequently returned to the Region of Fire in search of his Golden Mask of Unity, which he was able to recover after briefly battling Ikir and realizing that the Creature of Fire was his equal.


Fire Tribe Villages

The Region of Fire is known as the most dangerous area of Okoto; it contains three great volcanoes, with unpredictable eruptions that threaten the safety of the Islanders. Lava flows down from the volcanoes, forming molten lakes that eventually empty into the sea.

Fire Tribe Villages

Homes for the Fire Tribe members have been carved out of the sides of the volcanoes.

Fire Shrine

A shrine dedicated to housing the Golden Mask of Fire exists in the center of the region's largest volcano.

Temple of the Fire Creature

A temple watched over by Ikir, from which the ancient Protector Mamuk received an Elemental Crystal for Tahu's Golden Mask. It also became the home of Tahu's Golden Mask of Unity, which he eventually traveled here to recover.


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