Region of Jungle

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Region of Jungle
Region of Okoto
Status Inhabited
Inhabitants Okotans
Position Southeast Okoto

The Region of Jungle, also known as Uxar,[1] is a dense, forested area that dominates Okoto's southeast landscape.


The Region of Jungle is home to the Jungle Tribe, who are led by the Protector of Jungle, a title passed down through the generations. The region was named for Uxar, Creature of Jungle.[1]

The region was assaulted by Skull Spiders seeking the legendary Masks of Power. Vizuna, the current Protector of Jungle, traveled to the Temple of Time, where they used the Mask of Time and the Prophecy of Heroes to summon six Toa.[2]

Lewa, the Master of Jungle, crashed into the Region of Jungle after being summoned. He was eventually united with Vizuna, and the two traveled for weeks through the Region to the location of the Golden Mask of Jungle. There, Lewa claimed the mask and used its increased elemental power to save Vizuna from a horde of Skull Spiders. He then departed for the City of the Mask Makers, which was soon reclaimed for the Islanders of Okoto.

Lewa later returned to the Region of Jungle in search of Uxar and his Golden Mask of Unity, and soon engaged the creature in a friendly race. Uxar was then attacked by Umarak at the bidding of Makuta, but Lewa engaged him and freed the Creature. Lewa and Uxar proceeded to Uxar's temple, where they recovered the mask and joined together before returning to the City of the Mask Makers. Later, the Toa and Creatures would journey through this Region on their way to the Labyrinth of Control and be attacked by Umarak, who retreated after determining that Pohatu and Ketar shared a weak bond at best.

After Umarak created the Elemental Beasts, several Lava Beasts razed a village in the Region of Jungle. The Toa later came across the devastation.


Jungle Tribe villages

The Region of Jungle is dominated by enormous vegetation, including floating islands supported by the roots of giant trees. It is also home to the oldest of the Protector ruins, long since abandoned, as well as mysterious swamps and other dangerous locales.

Temple of Time

One of the oldest structures and the most sacred place on Okoto.[2]

Jungle Tribe Villages

The villages for the Jungle Tribe are located in the deepest parts of the forest.

Jungle Shrine

A shrine supporting the Golden Mask of Jungle is located somewhere in the region.

Temple of the Jungle Creature

A temple watched over by Uxar, and from which it brought an Elemental Crystal to help Ekimu create Lewa's Golden Mask. Uxar later led Lewa to this temple in order to claim his Golden Mask of Unity.


Jungle Tribe

The Jungle Tribe is comprised of Okotans who have settled in the region. They are guarded by the Protector of Jungle.


The Region of Jungle is known to be home to many dangerous creatures.[3]


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