Temple of Light

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Temple of Light

An entrance to the Temple of Light
Status Intact
Position City of the Mask Makers

The Temple of Light is an ancient structure on Okoto atop which the Temple of Creation was built.

Ekimu emerging from the Temple of Light


The Temple of Light was built in honor of Agil, the Elemental Creature of Light, and the Prophecy of Heroes was inscribed in it. Later, the Mask Makers' Forge inside of the Temple of Creation was built atop of the Temple of Light.

When the Elemental Beasts attacked the City of the Mask Makers, Ekimu retreated to the Temple of Light. Onua and Terak found him there and with him came to the conclusion that the assault was a distraction. After directing Onua to the City Gate, Ekimu opened the door to the temple and became imbued with the power of Light, transforming into a more powerful form.




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