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This article is about The Generation 1 magazine released in EU territories. You may be looking for the Generation 2 magazine released in EU and UK territories.
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BIONICLE: The Official Magazine

Issue 1
Type Magazine
Years released 2004-2009

BIONICLE: The Official Magazine (FR: Le Magazin Officiel, DE: Das Offizelle Magazin, later Das Offizielle Comic-Magazin) was a promotional magazine released in France and Germany.


The Official Magazine was first released in Germany and France (by publisher Panini Press) in March of 2004. The magazine would continue to be released monthly over the following years. The magazine ran for only three issues in France, but continued to be published in Germany. Its final issue, Issue 34, was released in January of 2009, capping the 2008 story.


The magazine contained articles and promotional material about BIONICLE sets and story.[citation needed] A large part of the magazine were the BIONICLE comics, with each issue containing at least two comics.

Several issues came with packaged gifts, including collectible masks, as well as other non-LEGO merchandise.





  • The titles of the magazines sometimes reflected the German titles of the comics they featured and sometimes did not, and both of these would sometimes differ from their English counterparts. The titles of the Mata Nui and Metru Nui arcs were accurate or loose direct translations (the main differences being "Attack of the Rahkshi" instead of "Rise of the Rahkshi", "the Arrival of Takanuva" instead of "At last - Takanuva", "Monsters from the Dark" instead of "Monsters in the Dark", "Attack of the Visorak" instead of "Vengeance of the Visorak"). During the Ignition trilogy, the titles of the magazine and German comics matched; however, during 2006 and 2007 these were often altogether different titles from the English. In 2008 all three sets of titles were matching again.