Flame Claws

This page features content from BIONICLE Generation 1
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"Once you fall into my claws, it's all over."
Malum, BIONICLE.com

Flame Claws
Users Malum
Function Melee combat
Status In use

A Flame Claw in set form

The Flame Claws are used by the exiled Glatorian Malum as his primary weapons. The claws are both a tool and a part of his armor, but are not physically a part of his anatomy.

Example Usage

In the Battle at the Bone Hunter Camp, Malum used his Flame Claws to fight the Bone Hunters.

Set Information

The Flame Claws were included in the Malum set of 2009. Each claw is comprised of four pieces. The main structural piece of the claws is blended from dark red and translucent orange plastic.