Element Lord of Sand

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Element Lord of Sand
AOSR Element Lord of Sand.png
Element Lord
Tribe Sand Tribe
Region Bara Magna
Tools Unknown
Status Alive
Location Northern Region

The Element Lord of Sand is the former Sand Tribe leader and one of the seven Element Lords.


The Lord of Sand was a Vorox who was approached by the Great Beings to take part in an experiment.[RotGB, Ch. 6] Since the Vorox were known for their brutal ways, the Great Beings chose a female Vorox, believing females to be gentler than males and thus more fit to rule.[1] She became one with Sand and was made ruler of the Sand Tribe that resided in the Great Barren.[RotGB, Ch. 6]

The Element Lords, except the Lord of Earth, held conference after the Ice Tribe discovered a spring of Energized Protodermis. The Lord of Ice claimed the liquid for himself and blockaded it, starting the Core War.[AOSR] After the Sand Tribe was ambushed by an Ice Tribe force led by Certavus, the Vorox[2] left a power gap.[D] When the Shattering occurred, she was trapped on Bara Magna.[RotGB, Ch. 3]

Nearly 100,000 years later the Element Lords managed to free themselves from their imprisonment to try and breach the Valley of the Maze.[RotGB, Ch. 3]

Abilities and Traits

The Element Lord of Sand possesses the power of Sand, and is intertwined with the element itself. Like the other Element Lords, she is aggressive and territorial.[3]


The Lord of Sand was given tools that reflect her nature.[4]


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