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Lake of Lava

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This article is about Voya Nui location. You may be looking for Ta-Koro location.
Lake of Lava
Lake of Lava.PNG
Status Dismantled
Position Mount Valmai

The Lake of Lava was formed by the molten contents of Mount Valmai, located on the area of the Southern Continent called Voya Nui. The Mask of Life was located underneath it.


The Lake of Lava being drained in the Piraka Online Animations

When the Piraka arrived on the island of Voya Nui, they believed that the Kanohi Ignika was underneath the Lake of Lava. Posing as Toa, they put the residing Matoran to work, but gave them no explanation for why they were draining the lava from the lake. After a while, however, the Matoran's trust in the Piraka began to dwindle, and so did their work. Hakann and Avak fooled the workers by engineering a lava monster hoax, which they then "defeated" and thus replenished the Matoran's trust.

Soon after, almost all the Matoran came under the influence of Antidermis and continued to work on draining the lava. The rate of Matoran deaths increased because they either worked too close to the lava or were jarred by the eruptions and fell into the lava. However, the Toa Inika intervened by freeing the slaves with Energized Protodermis, thus stopping their work.

When Teridax was killed in the Battle of Bara Magna, the Lake of Lava was severely damaged, and the Matoran evacuated to Spherus Magna. Later, the Lake of Lava, along with all other locations in the Matoran Universe, was dismantled.[OGQ: Dec 13 2010, 04:34 PM][1]


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