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Chamber of Truth

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"You only get so many wrong answers, Matoran. Then your time here is over and we bring in one of your friends. Someone will tell us what we want to know."
Piraka Vezok to Garan, Power Play

Chamber of Truth
Chamber of Truth.png
Status Destroyed
Position Piraka Stronghold

The Chamber of Truth was a part of the Piraka Stronghold.


The Chamber of Truth was a pitch-black room with a single door leading into it. There was a slot in the door for a Piraka to look in and question the victim. For every lie the victim told, the floor of the room shifted a little more at an angle. Beneath the floor was a pool of lava that anyone in the room would fall into after the floor had shifted enough. It was here that the members of the Voya Nui Resistance Team were questioned by the Piraka.

The Chamber of Truth was destroyed, along with the rest of the Piraka Stronghold, during Voya Nui's descent back to the Southern Continent.


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