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"Can the Fikou-Nui have sub-species that have adapted to different environments?"
"Since Fikou-Nui is your creation, I have no info on it.
— Boidoh and Greg Farshtey[1]

Current BIONICLE Things I'm Doing: Quite a lot... Hard to keep up.. In priority order.

  • Make polls for Toa Mangai members' Kanohi
  • Make the Fikou Nature Documentary
  • Save money for BIONICLE 2015 sets
  • Make the Lord of the Spiders video
  • Finish the My LEGO Network BIONICLE Walkthrough

Pages I Created

I shall cherish these for life:








  • White Piraka - Thok (Nestle Promotional Set)
  • Umbra
  • Turaga Lhikan





Other Stuff



  • Orange Krana-Vu
  • Green Krana-Ja
  • Lime Krana-Za
  • Tan Krana-Ca


  • Kraata of Heat Vision
  • Kraata of Elasticity
  • Kraata of Magnetism
  • Kraata of Rahi Control
  • Kraata of Teleportation
  • Shadow Kraata - stage 5


  • 665
  • 447
  • 338
  • 429

Stuff I Managed to get confirmed from LMB

I decided I should just arrange a list here from stuff I pestered Greg about from the LMB and got Canon/Confirmed. Obviously, I have the right to ask Greg my questions, and he doesn't mind one bit. [2] Obviously, we need references for everything

  • Lewa's Adaptive Armour Space Form and what it would do.
  • Somewhat? confirmed Kapura's teleportation powers. (
  • Confirmed Fikou conservation status.
  • Confirmed colors of various Fikou and other tidbits about Fikou.
  • Got the scenario that several Hahnah crabs died in the process of Spherus Magna reforming canon.
  • A couple stuff about Pin the tail on the Ash Bear
  • Angonce's status
  • Some Marendar stuff
  • The mutated Ussal's status
  • That Lehvak-Kal is in fact orbiting Spherus Magna (possibly the best one)
  • Gotten people angry by having Greg confirm that Aqua and Bota Magna orbit Solis Magna.
  • That the Doom Viper was sent into another dimension.
  • That the Mahri cannot wear regular Kanohi,and that they needed their modified Kanohi to breathe underwater
  • That Shadow Takanuva don't wear masks that promote peace and light.
  • I just found out this one... After harrasing Greg about obscure Rahi, he said a quote, a quote that BS01 uses on their About page. "If there is nothing more on BS01, it is because no other info exists."[3]
  • Canonized the Fikou-Nui
  • Contributed in having the final unknown Toa Mangai to be a Toa of the Green by creating a poll. Same goes for the kanohi, and the Mask of Healing won the poll.