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"Not far away, a mini-cyclone whipped leaves into the air. More and more plant matter was drawn into its wake until an entire segment of the glade was filled with leaves, vines, and branches, spinning furiously in the grip of a tornado."
— Narrator, Riddle of the Great Beings

Elemental Power
Matoran prefix Bo-[1]
Associated colors Primary: Green
Secondary: Blue

Jungle, also called Plant Life or The Green,[2][3][4] is an Elemental Power.[5]

Species Wielders

Spherus Magna

Element Lords

Matoran Universe

In the Matoran Universe, the Green is often represented the prefix Bo- and by the colors green and blue.[6][7][8]


  • Bo-Matoran represent the Element of the Green. They contain a minuscule amount of Elemental Green Energy, to the extent that they have an innate understanding of plant attributes such as poison. All Matoran, Toa, and Turaga of the Green are male.
  • Toa of the Green have the Elemental Power of the Green, allowing them to create, control and absorb plant life. Their only real limitation is that when they run out of Elemental Energy of the Green, they must wait for it to recharge.
  • Turaga of the Green possess small traces of Elemental Power over the Green.



  • Skakdi of the Green can only access their power if they work with another Skakdi, or if they carry a weapon that allows them to focus their powers individually.


  • Creating plant life[9]
  • Controlling plant life
    • Changing the form of plants
  • Controlling parts of dead plants[10]
  • Absorbing plant life
  • Projecting one's consciousness into plants (Element Lord-exclusive)
  • Unleashing a Nova Blast of the Green (Toa-exclusive)


  • As long as each of them wields a different Element, providing that Light and Shadow are not included at the same time, any six Toa can create a Protodermis cage.[11] Beings other than Toa and the Krahka cannot combine powers of any sort to create a Protodermis cage.


The Jungle Cavern

All of the following beings have or had the Element of Jungle and/or its sub-powers:

All of the following objects have or had the Element of Jungle and/or its sub-powers:

The following locations are affiliated with Jungle:


  • When creating the Matoran Universe, the Great Beings decided to replace the prevalence of the Jungle power with the Elemental Power of Air. This was because there was greater need for Air powers than Jungle powers, due to a smaller amount of plant life in the Matoran Universe.[15] Mata Nui also granted Air powers to Jungle Glatorian rather than Jungle powers.[16]
  • The prefix "Bo-" was derived from the word Botany.[1]
  • Greg Farshtey has stated that a Toa of the Green could probably control fungus.[17]


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