Creatures of Metru Nui Unleashed!

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Creatures of Metru Nui Unleashed!
Magazine Article
Outside/alternate title Rahi Unleashed
Issue January-February 2005
May-June 2005

Creatures of Metru Nui Unleashed! was an article in the January-February edition of the LEGO Magazine. The article was a preview of several Rahi from the 2005 storyline that would be included in BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts. The Brickmaster edition of the issue came with an extended version of the article (under the same title) with additional Rahi, including winners of the Rahi Building Challenge.

A follow-up article with the same title was released in the May-June 2005 Brickmaster issue of the LEGO Magazine, featuring two additional Rahi that were made by combining sets from the second half of the year.



The massive earthquake that struck Metru Nui shattered the archives and released dozens of dangerous species of Rahi! Here are just a few of the menacing creatures now stalking the city of legends:

Cable Crawler

This bizarre creature makes its home in the cables that overhang Le-Metru, preying upon other climbing Rahi and small birds. It possesses two sharp claws able to slice through cables, along with a natural ability to unleash blasts that upset the balance of its enemies and cause vertigo. Cable Crawlers can see in the dark and prefer to hunt by night. Build your own using parts from Toa Hordika Vakama (8736) and Toa Hordika Whenua (8738).

Sea Spider

This arachnid is actually an amphibious creature of the sea, and is the only known natural predator of the Visorak. While not large enough to pose a threat to a Visorak one-on-one, the front legs of a sea spider are able to inject venom that shrinks a foe down to a more manageable size. Sea Spider spinners can then throw prey into temporary stasis until such time as the hunter is ready to feed. Sea Spiders do not hunt in groups and are actually hostile to each other. Construct a Sea Spider using parts from Toa Hordika Nokama (8737) and Toa Hordika Nuju (8741).

Rock Raptors

Rock Raptors are among the more dangerous of Po-Metru Rahi. They prey upon larger animals, particularly Kikanalo, using a unique method. A Rock Raptor uses its natural tools to dig out caves in the mountains in Po-Metru as living space. It can then use those same tools to weaken entire slopes and bring them down in a rain of stone on Kikanalo herds or wandering Kane-Ra. Stunned, the larger creatures are then easy prey for the raptors. Build a Rock Raptor using parts from Toa Hordika Onewa (8739) and Toa Hordika Matau (8740).

Ice Vermin

Although its name would tend to associate it with Ko-Metru, in truth, Ice Vermin can be found everywhere in Metru Nui. Though no real threat in the past, since the fall of Metru Nui they have begun to attack larger creatures in packs. Their spinners appear to have, in some way, absorbed energy from the quake, so that they can now cause targets to literally shake themselves apart. Build the Ice Vermin using pieces from Rahaga Gaaki (4868), Rahaga Pouks (4869), and Rahaga Kualus (4870).

Colony Drone

These generally harmless creatures serve an important role in the Visorak world. The various species of Visorak feed off the energy of the colony drone spinners, making them essential to the survival of the horde. The Visorak bring large groups of drones with them when traveling to a new land, keeping them penned up under guard for use as needed. You can construct a colony drone using elements from Rahaga Norik (4877), Rahaga Bomonga (4878), and Rahaga Iruini (4879).


The Zivon lives in a dimension of perpetual darkness, which can be tapped into only by the power of the elite Visorak. When called forth, the Zivon is a fearsome colossus, towering some 35 feet over its Visorak allies. Even the hordes would prefer not to see the Zivon, as it considers the spider creatures a food source and has been known to devour a significant portion of the horde as a victory celebration. The Zivon's mandibles, claws and stinger make it a destructive foe. It is also capable of shooting webs from each of its six legs.

Phase Dragon

One of the most unusual Rahi found in Metru Nui, these winged, flame-breathing serpents look frightening - and for good reason. Phase dragons love speed and used to chase airships through the sky and vehicles speeding along the Le-Metru test track. Now that the city is largely dead, they pursue anything that moves. Their name comes from their uncanny ability to shift to a ghost like form and "phase" through solid objects.

Blade Burrower

One of the most powerful Rahi known to be in the Onu-Metru Archives sub-levels, the Blade Burrower has been a menace to Matoran for years. Using its powerful claws, it can dig tunnels that closely resemble those created by the Matoran. Archivists have been known to mistake these passageways for parts of the Archives, wander down them and never be seen again. Blade Burrowers hunt largely by smell, having very poor eyesight. When food is scarce in the sub-levels, they have been known to venture up to the public levels, causing huge amounts of destruction.

Designed by Daniel Settle.


A massive earthquake has struck Metru Nui and has shattered the Archives. The tremors have released dozens of dangerous species of Rahi into the population! Here are just a few of the menacing creatures that are now stalking the city of legends:

Chute Lurker

One of the most dangerous creatures in Metru Nui, Chute Lurkers are fortunately quite rare. Chute lurkers hunt by locking themselves into place in a Metru Nui transport tunnel with their arms, then waiting for objects, other Rahi, and even Matoran to come speeding towards them. Once caught by a chute lurker, there is rarely any escape unless aided by a Matoran or a Vahki. Build a Chute Lurker using pieces from Visorak Roporak (8745) and Visorak Keelerak (8746).


These Kahgarak serve as lieutenants to Roodaka and Sidorak, leaders of the horde. Kahgarak spinners can cloak an opponent in a field of shadow which will move with them wherever they go. To an outsider, it appears as if the Kahgarak's enemy has simply been swallowed by shadows and disappeared. Construct a Kahgarak using parts from Visorak Boggarak (8743) and Visorak Suukorak (8747).

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