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A collected box set of BIONICLE Adventures novels
Type Book
Years released 2003-2010, 2015-2016

Since their launch in 2003, Books have been key story media for BIONICLE. In addition to novels detailing the core BIONICLE story, informational guides, young readers, and a myriad of different activity and mini books have filled and expanded the BIONICLE lore.


The BIONICLE novel series originally ran from 2003 to the line's cancelation in 2010. Together, the books detailed almost the entirety of the Generation 1 BIONICLE story. The 2015 reboot saw more novels released that year and in 2016.

BIONICLE Chronicles (2003)

The Chronicles were the first BIONICLE books released. They told the story of the Toa Mata's arrival on the island of Mata Nui and their transformation into the Toa Nuva. The Chronicles sets up the primary conflict of BIONICLE: the Great Spirit Mata Nui has been struck down by the evil Makuta, and it is the destiny of the heroic Toa to reawaken him. Their adventures against the Rahi, Bohrok, Bohrok-Kal, and Rahkshi are concluded with a novelization of the first film. Despite all being published in 2003, the first two told the story of the previous two years, as no books were released in that time. The Chronicles were authored by C.A. Hapka, with the exception of Tales of the Masks, which was written by Greg Farshtey, who also wrote the BIONICLE Comics.

BIONICLE: Mask of Light (2003)

BIONICLE: Mask of Light was a standalone novelization of the the movie by the same name. Though not officially part of the Chronicles series of books, it shares the same author as the first three books, C.A. Hapka, and bridges the gap between the Chronicles and Adventures series of books.

BIONICLE Adventures (2004-2005)

The Adventures series takes place roughly 1,000 years before the Chronicles, telling the story of the Toa Metru, who would later become the Turaga, supporting characters in the Chronicles. The Adventures took place on Metru Nui and told of the Toa Metru's fights against the Morbuzakh, Vahki, the Rahi Krahka, and other hostile forces, including the Toa Metru's mutation into Toa Hordika. The Adventures contains two movie novelizations and was written by Greg Farshtey.

BIONICLE Legends (2006-2008)

The Legends pick up where the Chronicles left off. Featuring several Matoran characters from the Chronicles who transform into Toa, the main element of the Legends is the Mask of Life, which the Toa are seeking to save the life of the Mata Nui. However, the mask is also being sought out by two evil groups for their own unscrupulous ends, the Piraka and the Barraki. The series ends with the revelation that Mata Nui is a physical being, and his 40,000,000-foot-tall body contains the entire universe where most of the series has taken place. In a far-reaching plot to rule the world, Makuta successfully takes over that body when the Toa reawaken him, creating a cliffhanger to be resolved in the next series.

Cancelled Novel

Originally scheduled among the BIONICLE Legends was BIONICLE Legends: Invasion, which would have been published after City of the Lost and chronologically taken place parallel to that story. However, Scholastic later cancelled it to condense the release schedule.

BIONICLE Super Chapter Books (2009-2010)

BIONICLE underwent a "soft reboot" in 2009 that shifted the setting to the post-apocalyptic world of Bara Magna. After establishing new characters, the Agori and Glatorian, and their enemies, the Skrall and Bone Hunters, the two storylines converge when Mata Nui, exiled by Makuta in the previous series, arrives and allies with the Glatorian and Agori. The series sees Makuta travel to Bara Magna for an epic confrontation with Mata Nui, ending with Mata Nui defeating Makuta, Bara Magna being restored into the utopian world of Spherus Magna, and a peaceful future implied for the heroes of both worlds.

LEGO BIONICLE Chapter Books (2015-2016)

Three novels were released for BIONICLE's Generation 2, written by Ryder Windham. They took place on the island of Okoto and focused on Generation 2's incarnations of the Toa Mata/Nuva, the Masters, and their allies, the Protectors. Sections in each of the books' chapters were divided by the names of the characters who appeared in the books.

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Boxed Sets & Collections

  • BIONICLE Chronicles: Boxed Set #1-4[1][note 1]
  • BIONICLE Exclusive Boxed Set[2][note 2]
  • BIONICLE Adventures: Where the Adventure Begins... (Box Set)[3]
  • BIONICLE Adventures Boxset #1-4[4][5][note 3]
  • BIONICLE Adventures (7 Set)[6]
  • BIONICLE Legends Books 4-7[7][note 4]

BIONICLE Adventures Sampler

The BIONICLE Adventures Sampler

The BIONICLE Adventures Sampler was a 2004 publication included as part of the Special Edition Ta-Metru Collector Pack and never released as an individual product. The book itself is 70 pages, consisting of the prologue and first chapter of each of the first four Adventures novels. It has an ISBN of 0439734606.

Young Readers

The Young Readers were targeted for small children, containing simpler plotlines and language and illustrations to assist in storytelling. The narratives were self-contained and often took place during the events of longer books, though were not pivotal to the main storyline. The first entry was released in 2008 alongside the Karda Nui storyline, while the last three were released in 2009 for the Bara Magna storyline.


The Guides are books released in order to provide further reference to the BIONICLE mythos.

Collector's Specials

Other Books



  1. Includes a poisoned Kanohi Hau Nuva. Due to a shortage of this mask, it was at some point substituted with a gold Hau in the shape worn by Lhikan.[citation needed]
  2. Includes an exclusive sticker sheet.
  3. Includes a medium blue Kanohi Pakari.
  4. Includes a Mantax head piece. However, in some copies, this was substituted with a medium blue Pakari.

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