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Randy Elliott
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Job BIONICLE Comics Artist (2003-2005)
Department Artist

Randy Elliott is a former BIONICLE comic illustrator.


Makuta, a BS01 commission

Elliott has been creating artwork professionally since 1988. He now works in illustration and comic book pencilling, although he started out as a comic book inker. Elliott has worked for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Wizards of The Coast, Battlefront Miniatures, and AEG, in addition to a number of other publishers.

He began work on the BIONICLE comics as the inker for Comic 2: Deep into Darkness and later became the pencil artist, succeeding Carlos D'Anda with Comic 10: Powerless! After Comic 27: Fractures, he was succeeded by Stuart Sayger, and would become the longest serving illustrator for the BIONICLE comics.

Randy Elliott's main website features a banner with the Toa Metru characters from his work during 2004.

In 2019, he produced an individual commission for BS01 featuring Makuta Teridax in his 2003 set incarnation.

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