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Jeremy Brazeal
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Jeremy Brazeal is a Senior Art Director at LEGO Systems, Inc.


An example of Brazeal's drawing style taken from Journey of Takanuva

Jeremy Brazeal has graduated from The University of Connecticut and is currently living in Hartford, Connecticut Area.

Brazeal has lent his artistic talents to BIONICLE several times, including drawing some of the images for BIONICLE: World alongside two other artists, John McCormack and Toby Dutkiewicz. He also illustrated BIONICLE: Journey of Takanuva, BIONICLE: The Secret of Certavus, and BIONICLE: Desert of Danger, three BIONICLE books for younger readers featuring full-color illustrations on every page.

Jeremy Brazeal has worked with River Brandon, the former Designer/Art Director at LEGO Systems, Inc, on several projects. He has a great respect for him and has recommended him to future employers.


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