Herding Blade

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Herding Blade
Herding Blade.png
Users Sidorak
Function Creating energy blasts
Summoning Visorak
Melee combat
Status Unknown

The Herding Blade charging an energy blast
The Herding Blade in the Comics

The Herding Blade was a blade used by Sidorak. It was capable of firing long and powerful energy blasts. Sidorak would use the blade to signal and command the Visorak in the field.

Sidorak also used the weapon to fire several energy blasts at Keetongu during the Battle of Metru Nui. The Herding Blade was then presumably either lost or destroyed when Sidorak was killed by Keetongu.

Example Usage

During the Battle of Metru Nui in Web of Shadows, Sidorak fired several energy blasts from the Herding Blade at Keetongu from atop the Coliseum.

Set Information

The Herding Blade was released in the Sidorak set of 2005. A function was incorporated into it so that when pushed, the blade would snap forward.