Wrist Blades

This page features content from BIONICLE Generation 1
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Wrist Blades
Users Hydraxon
Hydraxon's duplicate
Function Melee and ranged combat
Status In use

Hydraxon throwing Wrist Blades

The Wrist Blades are a trio of bladed weapons used by Hydraxon and his duplicate. They can be used normally in melee combat or be launched as projectiles.

Example Usage

In Downfall, Hydraxon's duplicate fired two Wrist Blades at the Maxilos robot which was possessed by Makuta Teridax's essence, disabling his left arm and leg.

Set Information

The Wrist Blades were included in 8923 Hydraxon, comprised of 11 of the set's 165 pieces.