Catcher Claws

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Catcher Claws
Users Roodaka
Function Catching/poisoning Rhotuka spinners
Channeling her Shadow powers
Status In use

Roodaka channeling her shadow powers
The set version of the Catcher Claws

The Catcher Claws are the natural tools of Roodaka.[1][2][3] She can use them to snatch Rhotuka spinners out of the air, add her poison power to them,[4] and throw them back at their creators.[5][6] She can also use them to focus her power of Shadow.[7][8]

Example Usage

In Web of Shadows, Roodaka used the Catcher Claws to fire shadow energy at Keetongu during the Battle of Metru Nui.

Set Information

The Catcher Claws were included in 8761 Roodaka. An axle allowed them to be rotated in a manner similar to the Whirling Shields.



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