Vahki Hives

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Vahki Hives
Status Dismantled
Position Metru Nui
Pronunciation VAH-kee

Vahki Hives were hives based in each Metru in Metru Nui where Vahki were stored and recharged between shifts. They had specially made recharge cradles which hooked up to the Vahki's heads to recharge their energy.

Vahki Bordakh in a hive cell


The Vahki Hives were brought into use at the same time as the Vahki they housed. They functioned as areas for the Vahki to rest and recharge when not working for many years.

When the Great Cataclysm occurred and Teridax overloaded the Coliseum's generator, he caused a power surge. Many Vahki that were hooked up to cradles were blown out and destroyed by the surge, but others were given amplified powers and a more aggressive personality.[1]

Each Metru had a Central Taskforce Hive, where Turaga Dume's orders, which were few and far between, were relayed to the dozen or so subsection hives based in the Metru.

After Teridax's death and mass evacuation of the Matoran Universe, Vahki Hives, along with all other locations, were dismantled.[2][3]


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