BIONICLE Glatorian 2: The Fall of Atero

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"They come here -- Arena Magna in the city of Atero -- to compete, to talk, to share news and new battle tactics. But this year, some who come won't ever leave again."
— Narrator

BIONICLE Glatorian 2: The Fall of Atero
Outside/alternate title Comic 12[1]
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Pop Mhan

"The Fall of Atero" is the second comic book issue in the BIONICLE Glatorian series. The issue was released with the March/April 2009 issue of LEGO Magazine and was also published on, where it was listed as Comic 12.[1]

Plot Summary

The Glatorian Tarix and Strakk are practicing for the Great Tournament coming up the next day. Tarix is anxious to get back to Tajun to be with his people, since the Bone Hunters had recently raided the village.

While Gresh is preparing himself for the battles to come with Tarduk watching, Malum arrives with a pack of Vorox to try and persuade Gresh to flee. Gresh refuses, and Malum stalks off.

The next morning, the Tournament has begun in Atero, beginning with an arena battle between Tarix and Strakk. Gresh has informed the Agori of Malum's threat, and they begin to worry. Berix, Raanu, and Metus decide to look for the Skrall, theorizing that their absence may be connected to what Malum had said. They are met with an army of Skrall marching toward them, and Raanu runs to warn everyone in the arena to find safety. Tarix rallies the other Glatorian to help fend off the attack.

Raanu is attempting to assist other Agori in escaping when a Skrall tries to attack. Gresh intercepts the blow, and questions the Skrall's motives. The Skrall tells Gresh that they plan to take what they wanted by force.

The Glatorian realize that the city is doomed, and flee to the desert. Tarix, Strakk, Gresh, and a few Agori later regroup in a cave, and acknowledge that they need help.



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