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"From the southern desert of Bara Magna to the great northern forest, it was a place of stunning vistas and infinite opportunities for knowledge."
— Narrator, Journey's End

Spherus Magna
Status Intact
Inhabitants Agori
Bone Hunters
Great Beings
Element Lords
Matoran Universe emigrants
Position In the Solis Magna System
Pronunciation SFEER-us Mag-nuh[citation needed]

Spherus Magna is a planet located in the Solis Magna System. It is the home planet of the Great Beings, Agori, Glatorian, Element Lords, and Energized Protodermis, and it was here that the Great Spirit Robot was built. Since the destruction of the Great Spirit Robot the planet has become the home world of the inhabitants of the universe within it, having migrated from it.


Early History

The Great Beings, powerful creators, held a position of authority on the planet. Over 150,000 years ago, the Great Beings attempted to create an enormous robot, though the project failed, and giant mechanical parts were left scattered along the planet, in the area of Bara Magna. Many of the pieces were adapted into shelters, and integrated into villages.

Around 103,000 years ago, a plague struck Spherus Magna, killing many members of the Iron Tribe. The survivors were shunned by the rest of the inhabitants and other tribes, out of fear that they might have the disease.

Tired with the burden of having to constantly govern the planet, the Great Beings eventually created the Element Lords to help them manage the inhabitants. Though the Element Lords were territorial, they managed to exist together peacefully for several thousand years.[1]

The Shattering

Spherus Magna shattering

A little over 100,000 years ago, Energized Protodermis was forced from the core of Spherus Magna to the surface of the planet. Some of the villagers residing on Spherus Magna then went to investigate the substance, and were destroyed when they touched it. They quickly came to the conclusion that it was a powerful substance, and informed the Element Lords, who began warring over it, in what would become known as the Core War. Most members of the species which would later become Glatorian were soldiers in this war and were led into battle by the Element Lords. While they fought, the Great Beings investigated the substance and found that it was slowly spreading.

Planning ahead, Great Beings placed some of the Energized Protodermis in a creation, the Great Spirit Mata Nui, a giant synthezoid designed to go out into the universe, observing other planet's cultures, ultimately returning to Spherus Magna and repair it. The Great Beings spent several years building the gigantic robot, and once complete, sent the construct out into the universe. However, the recurring attempts to drain the Energized Protodermis had caused major infrastructural damage to the planet. Eventually, the Fire Tribe marched directly to the Ice Tribe's protodermic spring and began draining the Energized Protodermis. This weakened the planet's structure even more, and caused Spherus Magna to splinter into pieces, an event later referred to as the Shattering.[1] Spherus Magna was split into three major fragments: The largest one became the desertic Bara Magna, the ocean Aqua Magna developed into a chunk of its own, and the third was formed out of Bota Magna and the Northern Frost.[note 1]


Spherus Magna's reformation

Around 100,000 years later, Mata Nui was banished from his body by Makuta Teridax, and eventually arrived on the planet of Bara Magna, where the Ignika, which his spirit was trapped in, created a body for him. There, Mata Nui was reminded of what he was set to do, and was able to occupy the Prototype Robot, the Great Beings' failed experiment that had exploded hundreds of thousands of years ago. As he tried to pull Aqua Magna, Bara Magna and Bota Magna back together, he was confronted by Teridax, who challenged him to a fight. Mata Nui was eventually able to redirect one of Teridax's gravity attacks at the two other fragments, pulling the two satellites into the gravitational field of Bara Magna. The two planets collided with Bara Magna, reforming Spherus Magna. Along with the reformation, the celestial body orbiting Aqua Magna, along with Lehvak-Kal and several Tahnok, began to orbit Spherus Magna.

Mata Nui restoring the planet's life

Mata Nui, with the help of the Kanohi Ignika, then used the final reserves of energy from the robot to channel life into the planet, and declared it home for the Agori, Matoran and others.[10]

Alternate Universes

The Melding Alternate Universe

In a different reality, the Great Beings decided to stop the Shattering instead of building Mata Nui to help after the fact. They created Toa the size of Matoran to heal the damage being done by the Energized Protodermis, and they succeeded in saving the planet. The Makuta, Toa, and Matoran lived with the natives, but not in the same village. Ga-Koro was one such village.[11]

Spherus Magna Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe, Mata Nui reformed Spherus Magna without interference by the Brotherhood of Makuta, and the many species of the Matoran Universe began to live with the Agori and Glatorian.[12]


Spherus Magna has a multitude of environments, from great forested expanses to vast deserts.

Aqua Magna

Aqua Magna, also known as the Great Sea, is a large body of water located southwest of Bara Magna. During the reign of the Element Lords, it ruled by the Element Lord of Water.[13] After the Shattering, it eventually developed into a separate celestial body.[note 1]

Bara Magna

Bara Magna, also known as the Great Barren, is a large desert region. Many Agori and Glatorian resided here, and a large number of them were here when the Shattering occurred. The name Bara Magna then grew to encompass the entire planet, instead of just the desert area. It has since been merged back into Spherus Magna, and much of the desert was made fertile. It was ruled by the Element Lord of Sand during the Element Lords' reign.

White Quartz Mountains

The White Quartz Mountains are made up of frozen crystalline peaks to the north of the Great Barren, and were among the regions ruled by the Element Lord of Rock. In the aftermath of the Shattering, the White Quartz Mountains became a landmark of the planet of Bara Magna.[14]

Black Spike Mountains

The Black Spike Mountains are a desolate and dangerous mountain range on Spherus Magna, formerly ruled by the Element Lord of Rock. After the Shattering, this range became part of the planet of Bara Magna.[14]

Northern Region

The area of Spherus Magna north of the Black Spike and White Quartz Mountain ranges is host to a number of exotic landmarks, including the River Dormus, the Forest of Blades, and the volcanic, unstable territory that the Skrall conquered after the Shattering. Also located in the northern region are: the Great Volcano, former domain of the Element Lord of Fire; the Valley of the Maze, stronghold of the Great Beings; and the spring where Energized Protodermis first surfaced.

Bota Magna

Bota Magna, also known as the Great Jungle, is a large forest formerly ruled by the Element Lord of Jungle. The Skrall homeland is located in the mountains of the Great Jungle, and was ruled by the Element Lord of Rock.[15] After the Shattering, it became a separate celestial body.[note 1]

Northern Frost

The Northern Frost is an icy region in the far north of the planet. It was formerly ruled by the Element Lord of Ice.[13] Food has always been hard to come by in this region. The Kanohi Ignika was cooled in one of its icy caverns. After the Shattering, the Northern Frost was included on the new celestial body of Bota Magna. After the planet's reformation, it has returned to being a separate area of Spherus Magna.



The Agori live on Spherus Magna, and are the most populous species on the planet, numbering in the tens of thousands.[16] Many were stranded on Bara Magna after the Shattering.


The main race of Glatorian were once soldiers who fought over the Energized Protodermis that had been discovered on the planet, under the commands of the Element Lords. Many of them were stranded on Bara Magna after the Shattering. The planet's Glatorian population numbers in the thousands.[17]

Element Lords

The Element Lords were once members of the Glatorian species. At one point, they were transformed and given elemental powers by the Great Beings to help them lead the planet. After their creation the Element Lords came to command tribes based in locales similar to their elements, such as the Element Lord of Water ruling the Great Sea. They were trapped at the end of the Core War, but were eventually freed and made their way to Bara Magna, where they continued to fight each other.

Great Beings

The Great Beings were the rulers of Spherus Magna. After the Shattering, the Great Beings sought their refuge elsewhere. However, one Great Being, known as Angonce, was known to have stayed behind on Bara Magna. With the Shattering undone, the Great Beings are once again residing on the planet.

Relocated Matoran Universe Inhabitants

After the destruction of the Matoran Universe, the Matoran, along with their Toa and Turaga, migrated onto the newly reformed Spherus Magna to begin a new life with the Agori and Glatorian. They were joined or followed by various other inhabitants of the universe, including Skakdi, Vortixx, Dark Hunters, and Rahi.


The planet of Spherus Magna is home to a variety of beasts, which inhabit various climate zones and ecosystems.


  • When Order of Mata Nui member Brutaka had his body taken over by pure Antidermis, he spoke of Spherus Magna and the Shattering.
  • In Matoran legend, Spherus Magna is where the Great Spirit Mata Nui was sent from to look after the Matoran. It is known to them as "Paradise" or the "Heavens."
  • The days of Spherus Magna last 36 hours.[note 2]
  • The exact size of Spherus Magna is unknown, but Greg Farshtey assumes it to be significantly larger than Earth, with a greater surface gravity.[26]


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