Energized Protodermis Spring

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"In the days that follow, the curious flock to the pool. There they discover the liquid can do more than destroy. It can also transform ... sometimes with shocking results."
— Narrator, All Our Sins Remembered

Energized Protodermis Spring
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Status Unknown
Pronunciation Pro-toe-DERR-miss

The Energized Protodermis Spring was the area where Energized Protodermis first appeared.


Energized Protodermis, a powerful substance that had long since laid dormant in the core of the planet, was one day forced up to the surface of the planet, forming a spring in the vicinity of an Ice Tribe outpost.[citation needed]

Two Agori discovered the liquid, though one felt compelled to touch it, and was destroyed. The other returned to the leader of his tribe, the Element Lord of Ice, and reported the discovery. Over the next few days, curious inhabitants arrived at the site, observing the substance's power to destroy, as well as transform. The Element Lords met to discuss what to do with the substance, and the Lord of Ice claimed it as his own due to the location it was found in. He barricaded the spring, and barred other tribes from entering, an action that eventually sparked the Core War.[AOSR] The spring was fought over by all tribes, though the Ice Tribe always managed to reclaim it.[1]

The Fire Tribe capturing the spring

The Great Beings, former rulers of the planet, sent two Agori, Raanu and Kyry, to the spring in order to collect the substance for their own experiments. The Agori made it past an incapacitated Ice Tribe guard, only to be caught in the middle of a fight between Fire Tribe and Ice Tribe warriors. They succeeded in acquiring some of the substance, and gave it to the Great Beings.[AOSR]

The Fire Tribe eventually gained control of the spring, and began draining the Energized Protodermis from it. Despite warnings from Raanu and Kyry, the draining eventually triggered a chain reaction in the core of the planet, causing the Shattering.[AOSR]

Alternate Universes

The Melding Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe, the Energized Spring was also discovered by Agori who learned at their peril the destructive effects of the substance, as well as its transformative properties. The Core War began, but was stopped short through the efforts of the Great Beings' creations, diminutive Toa who traveled underneath the surface and repaired the structural damage to Spherus Magna.[BIA, Ch. 8]


The spring was a deep, natural well that ran all the way to the core of the planet, filled with Energized Protodermis. The spring was located in a snowy area near an Ice Tribe outpost, situated in a cavernous region.[citation needed]


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