Octo Cave

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Octo Cave
Status Destroyed
Position Mahri Nui

The Octo Cave,[1] also known as the Squid Cave, was a cave located on the Mahri Nui landmass.


The position of the Octo Cave
A Sea Squid reports to Kalmah at the mouth of the Octo Cave.

The Octo Cave was part of the natural underwater terrain of Aqua Magna.

When the Great Cataclysm caused the destruction of the Pit and released its prisoners into the waters above, Barraki Kalmah happened upon the cave. It was here that he discovered the Sea Squids, a creature native to the Black Water. Kalmah claimed the cave as his underwater home, calling it his throne and began to breed the squids in the cave.

Following an incident in which Mantax devoured half of the squids in the cave, Kalmah would not allow anyone other than himself to enter the Octo Cave.

Later, when the Mahri Nui landmass tumbled into the ocean, the Octo Cave survived the impact and became a part of the terrain of Mahri Nui. It was located to the east of the Cord, nestled between the stone passageway and another spire-like rock formation.

When the Kanohi Ignika arrived in Mahri Nui, a Sea Squid reported its arrival to Kalmah at the Octo Cave. He then left the Cave to meet with the other Barraki at the Razor Whale's Teeth.

While in search of the Kanohi Ignika, Toa Mahri Jaller and Kongu stumbled upon the Octo Cave. After Jaller examined one of the eggs, the Squid hatched and struck at the Toa. As they fell unconscious, Kalmah and Carapar stood at the mouth, watching. However, Jaller used his power of Fire to generate extreme heat throughout his and Kongu's bodies. The squid instantly detached and fled to search for easier prey. The Toa then rose, and Jaller offered to help Kalmah and Carapar escape the Pit if they helped the Toa Mahri retrieve the Ignika, but only for a chance to escape the Octo Cave, as there was no way the Barraki would honor a bargain. Eventually, Kalmah did let them out, but also told them that before any deals would be made, the Toa would have to kill Pridak.

The Octo Cave was destroyed when Voya Nui returned to its position on the Southern Continent, obliterating the Mahri Nui landmass.


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