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"Although he reigned on land, Ehlek's species was native to a watery realm. He was able to function on the surface only through a complicated apparatus that enabled him to breathe air. That made him vulnerable and he knew it."
— Narrator, City of the Lost

Breathing Helmet
Users Barraki (formerly)
Brutaka (formerly)
Idris (formerly)
Hydraxon's replica (formerly)
Function Allow water-breathers to function on land
Status Out of use
Location Matoran Universe (formerly)
Bota Magna

Breathing helmets are helmets that allow aquatic beings to breathe while on land.


Barraki Ehlek used a breathing helmet that allowed him to breathe water as part of the League of Six Kingdoms.[1] The helmet was brought with him to the Pit by Botar. After the Great Cataclysm ruptured the Pit, it was discarded in the Black Waters. Lesovikk later found the helmet and repaired it, then gave it to Idris so that she could return to Mahri Nui.[2]

Hydraxon's replica was created as a water-breather by the Kanohi Ignika.[3] As such, he required a breathing helmet to operate the Pit.[4]

When the Order of Mata Nui freed Brutaka, Takadox, and Carapar to serve in a suicide mission, all three were provided with domed, water-filled breathing helmets.[5] When Carapar was disintegrated by Tren Krom, his breathing helmet was destroyed with him.[6] Breathing helmets were given to the other four Barraki when they were freed to fight in the Destiny War.[7]

Mata Nui rendered the Barraki, Brutaka, Hydraxon, and Idris amphibious, and they no longer wear breathing helmets.[6]


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