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"Destiny answers every action with consequence."
— The Makuta of Stelt, An Even Exchange

Angel Bob is a BS01 editor primarily occupied with citation reform (including the References and Appearances sections of pages); I also make it my business to correct errant grammar, punctuation, and phrasing. I am known as ALVIS on BZPower and nicrophorus-americanus on Tumblr. Over the years, I've written several works of BIONICLE fan fiction and, yes, influenced the BIONICLE canon by pestering Greg Farshtey -- although I now have only an interest in tying up loose ends in the canon. The accomplishments of which I'm most proud are listed below.


Short Stories / Serials

Sundown (2013)

In my first and, thus far, only Hero Factory story, one of the heroes less frequently in the spotlight gets to take on one truly formidable villain to save an entire solar system.

An Even Exchange (2014)

The Makuta of Stelt never got any characterization in the official story, mainly being a dumping ground for canonization questions in the OGD. Who was he? What were his aims? In my first BIONICLE work in some time, I aim to answer those questions.

Descendant (2014)

As part of an effort to write vignettes for some of the more interesting Dark Hunters, I wrote this story with the dual aim of making Kraata-Kal into an actual character and exploring its relationship with Teridax.

Last Destiny (2014)

While pondering the future of Spherus Magna, I was struck by a sudden flash of inspiration. Over the next few hours, that raw creative energy gave birth to this gentle but emotional dialogue.

Reign of Shadows: The Untold Stories (2016)

An anthology written to fill in plot holes and characters who were neglected by the original Reign of Shadows.

Roleplaying Blogs

Sahmad's Tales (2014 - 2015)

Dark Hunters, Inc. (2014 - present)

Makuta Hunt

Review Topic (2011 - 2013)

An action series in which Tobduk is commissioned by the Order of Mata Nui to eliminate several members of the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Season 1: The Cult of Aktoros

  1. The Hunt Begins Makuta Kojol has broken the peace by besieging the island of Artakha. Now begins a gruesome elimination of any and all who might repeat his actions.
  2. The Waters of Death Ce-Matoran are vanishing into the depths of the Cold Lake, and beneath its surface, a Makuta is experimenting with necromancy...
  3. The Gaze of Stone On the barren exiles' island of Crono, the resident Makuta is experimenting with petrification. Can Tobduk and a renegade Toa of Ice possibly hope to stop her?
  4. Thunderwing Now it all comes together, by the claws of Makuta Ectrolis. Something big is returning, something by the name of Aktoros. The tragic memories of Turaga Motira are also returning to haunt her... and caught in the middle of all this is Tobduk, Makuta-slayer.

Season 2: Masters of Mutation

  1. Disassembly Line Indusko Island is no island, but a giant Factory, as Tobduk discovers. Its pollution has affected lands far and wide, and an enigmatic ally reappears to aid him. Still, what is Makuta Indusko building?
  2. The Subtarond Project All Onu-Matoran populating the caverns of Netheria are put to work by the whispering Makuta Brond, drilling deep into the earth in search of the destructive Subtarond. Meanwhile, the slime of Indusko's Factory extends even this far...
  3. Dark Moonlight By day, Lunidel is a gloomy isle covered in fog and blackened trees. By night, the terrible howls of the Wolf echo through the woods. As Tobduk realizes, this hunt will not be so simple; someone on the island is becoming the Wolf at the touch of moonlight. But who?
  4. The Poisoned Island The toxic, volcanic wasteland of Durgolund hides Makuta Droth, the master of poison, who is just the person Tobduk needs to talk to about Toa Nestra, who is infected with Hordika Venom. But as Tobduk proceeds on his most grueling mission yet, his past returns to haunt him... and hunt him.

Series Finale

The End of the Brotherhood (2013)

This is it. This is the final battle. While the Destiny War rages on all fronts, Tobduk leaves Daxia behind to pursue his own personal quest: killing Makuta Chirox, whose Visorak creations slew Tobduk's entire people. Will he avenge his fallen brethren, or join them in death?

Older Works

I wrote a lot of works on BZP back in the old days, before the Great Dataclysm. Since the BZPower archive was taken down, and since some of my writing documents have simply vanished over the years, the below tales have been purged from existence. I keep the concepts here in case I ever want to revisit and rewrite them.

  • All Of Reality: In the Expanded Multiverse of Aethion, a mysterious plot involving an ancient temple, Kanohi Nuva, and the ominous Shadow Core draws the lives of many warriors together: enlightened Vorox, noble Toa, evil Lightslayers, vicious Skakdi pirates, undead Matoran, and - worst luck - the enigmatic and omnipotent Shadow.
    • The Forgotten Power: While Myxan and Narolf work to uncover the mysteries surrounding Makuta Mordus, Gornt and his companions concoct daring plans of escape from Burlo's slave camp on Tanuuk - and the malevolent machinations of the Shadow begin to unfold...
  • "Only a Child": As a Glatorian, it is Gresh's job to defend the Agori villagers from those who would seek to harm them, such as the outcast Strakk. But how is he to do that when most regard him as a mere child?
  • The Battle of Roxtus: In the fortified city of Roxtus, an alliance of Skrall and Bone Hunters holds Kiina and Berix captive. It is up to Mata Nui to free them, but an army of mighty warriors stands in his way...
  • Skirmish in Shadows: Nektann has done the unthinkable for a Skakdi warlord: he has allied with the hateful Makuta. But then again, Nektann is no typical Skakdi, as both Makuta's Rahkshi and the Toa Mahri discover in Po-Metru.



Although my stance on canonization has since changed, I have had a hand in fleshing out some of the irrelevant details, clearing up loose ends, and answering unresolved questions from the BIONICLE mythos. The following are items that I canonized. I'm proud of some of them; others, not so much.

BS01 Pages

The following are pages on this wiki which I wrote and/or created. They are my precious babies.

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Generation 2 (Okoto)

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