Region of Earth

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Region of Earth
Region of Okoto
Status Inhabited
Inhabitants Terak
Position Western Okoto

The Region of Earth, also known as Terak,[1] is one of the six realms of Okoto, located on the western side of the island.


The Region of Earth is home to the Earth Tribe, and has been ruled by generations of Protectors, with the title of Protector of Earth being passed down from father to son, or, at least in the most recent case, to daughter. The Region of Earth was named for Terak of the Elemental Creatures.[1] In the time of Ekimu, its Protector was named Etoku.

In more recent times, the Skull Spiders invaded the Region of Earth. Korgot, the Protector of Earth, gathered with her fellow Protectors at the Temple of Time to fulfill the Prophecy of Heroes, summoning six Toa to the island to help.

Onua, Master of Earth, crash landed in the Region of Earth, and was greeted by Korgot. She informed Onua of his duties, and guided him to a shrine in the region so he could claim the Golden Mask of Earth, one of the six Golden Masks of Power, which would enhance his abilities and enable him to save the island. He then departed for the City of the Mask Makers; the Islanders of the Earth Region later relocated there along with the other tribes.

Onua later returned to the Region of Earth in search of Terak and his Golden Mask of Unity.


Earth Tribe villages

The surface of the Region of Earth is dominated by sharp obsidian fields, spotted with ravines and rifts. Beneath the surface is an extensive network of caves. There are many ancient drawings and carvings.[2]

Crystal Mine

At least one crystal mine exists in the Region of Earth.[3]

Earth Tribe Villages

The islanders of the Earth Tribe make their homes in underground villages. They spend most of their time beneath the surface.

Earth Shrine

A shrine dedicated to housing the Golden Mask of Earth exists deep in the region's tunnel system.

Temple of the Earth Creature

A temple dedicated to Terak, from which Protector Etoku received the Elemental Crystal Ekimu would use to grant power to Onua's Golden Mask of Earth. Onua would later come here seeking his Golden Mask of Unity.


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