Freeze Bow

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Freeze Bow
Freeze Bow Rapid Shooter.jpeg
Users Skull Warriors (formerly)
Function Ranged combat
Status Out of use

The Freeze Bow, also known as the Freeze Bow Rapid Shooter,[1] is a ranged weapon wielded by Skull Warriors. It fires frost pellets that can freeze targets to the spot. The Freeze Bow is similar in form and function to the Protectors' Elemental Blasters.

Example Usage

In When Evil Rises, a group of Skull Warriors fired their Freeze Bows at the Toa shortly after the Toa enter the City of the Mask Makers.

Set Information

The Freeze Bow is included in 70791 Skull Warrior, which was released in August 2015. It is built from thirty of the set's 102 pieces, not including the ammunition, which comes in the form of 1x1 round LEGO plates. By rotating the gear on the bow's shaft, its ammunition can be fired in rapid succession.