Elemental Trident

This page features content from BIONICLE Generation 2
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Elemental Trident
Users Gali
Function Melee combat
Underwater traveling
Channeling her Water powers
Status Discarded

The Harpoon and Shark Fins

The Elemental Trident was Gali's weapon, which holds the power to command the element of Water, creating tidal waves and heavy rain. It could be split into the Power Harpoon, Gali's preferred weapon for fighting on the ground, or the Shark Fins, which grant her unparalleled speed underwater.

Set Information

The Elemental Trident appears in 70786 Gali - Master of Water. It is held in the set's right hand and uses 22 of the set's 87 pieces. In adrenaline mode, twelve of those pieces become the Shark Fins and the remaining ten become the Power Harpoon. Two bright red cross axles on the Shark Fins can be used to join them together into an optional single tail fin.

When "powering up" the Gali set with parts from 70780 Protector of Water, the shark fins are attached to Gali's hands to supplement the Elemental Torpedo Blaster, while the bladed half of the Power Harpoon is attached to Gali's upper arm. The non-bladed half of the harpoon is not used in this mode.


  • The Elemental "Trident" features only two prongs on the end Gali is shown to attack with in this mode. Ironically, the Power Harpoon formation does feature a trident's characteristic three prongs.