Elemental Blaster

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Elemental Blaster
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Users Protectors
Function Varies
Status In use

Elemental Blasters are multi-shot projectile weapons wielded by the Protectors and Kulta.[1]


Different versions of the Elemental Blaster exist, each with attributes or features that make them unique.

Elemental Blasters
Image Name User Function
Jungleblaster.png Air Elemental Flame Bow Agarak (formerly)
An accurate, long distance projectile weapon
Elemental Fire Blaster.png Elemental Fire Blaster Mamuk (formerly)
Can be used to shoot Skull Spiders and light campfires
Elemental Ice Blaster.png Elemental Ice Blaster Izotor
Uganu (formerly)
A frost-powered weapon that can freeze targets in place
Elemental Sandstone Blaster.png Elemental Sandstone Blaster Kerato (formerly)
Intended to be a melee weapon, but capable of inflicting damage at close range with its sand blast
Elemental Torpedo Blaster.png Elemental Torpedo Blaster Kivoda
Owaki (formerly)
A highly accurate diving weapon
Rapid Shooter.png Rapid Shooter Etoku (formerly)
Can fire a large number of projectiles very quickly

Example Usage

The Elemental Fire Blaster being held by Narmoto

In The Protectors Fight Back, Narmoto used his Elemental Fire Blaster to fend off Skull Spiders.

Set Information

Each of the Protector sets includes an Elemental Blaster, which is assembled using two specialized pieces, with 6 LEGO 1x1 round plates used as ammunition. Each Protector's blaster is unique, either being attached to different weapons or being incorporated into its user's body or armor in its own way.